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Boomi for Human Resources

Improve your ability to onboard, develop and manage your employees by integrating all your information systems.

How Dell Boomi Benefits Human Resources

Share Information 
Across Applications

The data that you need to evaluate and develop your talent resides in many places. Boomi allows you to easily move, manage and govern data, whether it’s in cloud application or on-premises systems.

Improve hr

Human Resources relies on processes that span different parts of the business. Boomi makes it possible for all your systems to work together, reducing manual work and providing better services to your employees.

Ensure Business

Boomi allows HR to get the right information to its line of business partners, improving functions such as performance measurement, budget planning, and compensation/award decisions.

Boomi Easily Integrates Your Applications,

Data Where You Need It

Boomi makes HR more effective by helping your applications work together.