La connectivité numérique pour alimenter l’avenir de votre entreprise.

Connectez vos applications, vos données et vos collaborateurs pour accélérer votre transformation numérique.

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Pourquoi Boomi

Ne restez pas coincé dans l'impasse de la modernisation. Boomi est l'alternative la plus rapide aux systèmes hérités et complexes et aux solutions ponctuelles légères qui ne permettent pas d'atteindre les objectifs de votre transformation numérique.

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Access to consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data is absolutely central to our digital transformation efforts. If we don’t have integrated systems and data, we can’t provide a good customer experience. Boomi gives us the 360-degree view of the customer we need.
Veronica Frost
CIO, Red Cross Australia
red cross
With Boomi we’re saving 30 hours a week. It’s not just the ability to enable fast, seamless employee onboarding. We’re also getting increased data accuracy and reliability. That allows our staff to spend more time on more impactful work.
Tara Gambill
Senior Director of Enterprise Systems, MOD Pizza
Boomi has given us a clear path forward. We can integrate systems to break down silos and barriers, bring more people together, and do more with less. Boomi is like the silent hero — that extra team player that you need.
Brian Merrick
Enterprise Integration Architect, Boise State University
Boise State University
Boomi has been critical to our technological evolution and digital transformation. The Boomi Enterprise Platform has allowed us to deliver connected digital experiences to students and staff and expand access to university information and services.
Saul Reyes
Manager of Technology Services, UNIMINUTO
With Boomi, the business can make changes a lot more quickly, with no limitations on what we can or can’t connect with. Integration is no longer a barrier to enhancing our customer experience and connecting with vendors.
Iris Tan
Integrations Architect, The Wine Collective
The Wine Collective
Boomi’s unified platform delivers outstanding value for integrations in an ever-changing environment. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every system, so you can focus on rapidly giving the business the connectivity it needs.
Nathan Fisher
Senior NetSuite Administrator, Smartsheet
Smart Sheet
Boomi has exceeded our expectations at every turn. Our ability to quickly iterate, transform, and scale with Boomi has set us up for the rapid growth we’re going to experience.
Tim Heger
Chief Technology Officer, HealthBridge Financial

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