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Why Boomi

Don’t get stuck in the modernization chokepoint. Boomi is the faster alternative to complex, heavyweight suites and lightweight point solutions that can’t deliver what’s next in your digital transformation journey.

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"Access to consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data is absolutely central to our digital transformation efforts. If we don’t have integrated systems and data, we can’t provide a good customer experience. Boomi gives us the 360-degree view of the customer we need."
Veronica Frost
CIO, Red Cross Australia
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"With Boomi we’re saving 30 hours a week. It’s not just the ability to enable fast, seamless employee onboarding. We’re also getting increased data accuracy and reliability. That allows our staff to spend more time on more impactful work."
Tara Gambill
Senior Director of Enterprise Systems, MOD Pizza
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"Boomi has given us a clear path forward. We can integrate systems to break down silos and barriers, bring more people together, and do more with less. Boomi is like the silent hero — that extra team player that you need."
Brian Merrick
Enterprise Integration Architect, Boise State University
"Boomi’s unified platform delivers outstanding value for integrations in an ever-changing environment. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every system, so you can focus on rapidly giving the business the connectivity it needs."
Nathan Fisher
Senior NetSuite Administrator, Smartsheet

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