Drive better healthcare outcomes and reduce costs

Understanding Medical Electronic Data Interchange

Transformative change throughout healthcare means data is more critical than ever. Information is the hub of patient-centric medicine amid the consumerization of care services. Clinical data needs to be securely shared to support value-based care. Data is also essential for improved medical outcomes and more cost-effective models for providers, payers, medical device makers and life sciences companies. Healthcare has data in abundance — what it lacks is the ability to access, integrate and share that information on demand.

Build a Cloud Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

With built-in support for HL7 integration and other industry standards, the Boomi platform provides organizations with a flexible, secure environment for quickly building connected healthcare ecosystems geared for multi-party collaboration, modern channels of patient engagement and data-driven insights.

Create 1:1 patient journeys
Connect internal and partner systems for a 360-degree, patient-centric view that improves medical outcomes. Build satisfaction with new patient engagement across online, social and mobile channels.
Collaborate across extended networks
Securely exchange electronic health records and other data among multiple parties in a HIPAA-compliant health information exchange. Streamline financial reconciliations and gain insights for more cost-effective delivery.
Adapt quickly in a changing industry
Integration lets healthcare companies adapt rapidly to change, whether it’s utilizing IoT data from wearables and devices, streamlining a merger or acquisition, or managing clinical data on medical outcomes to support value-based care.

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