SaaS leader Dropbox turns to Boomi and Deloitte Consulting LLP to help integrate its portfolio of leading cloud-based applications. The project brings order to HR operations as the company addresses the challenges of rapid growth.

Business Goals

As Dropbox matured and built its human resources technology environment, the company committed to deploying cloud-based applications. Its HR systems needed to meet core business requirements while upholding the company’s industry-leading user experience standards.

Yet, with rapidly evolving companies like Dropbox, what worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. Human resources systems and processes are no exception. Dropbox wanted to efficiently accommodate rapid customer and employee growth while making quality HR data more accessible for decision making.

Integration Challenges

Dropbox needed to integrate six-plus HR applications, while improving data movement between these applications and devices. After a market analysis and assessment of current engagements at Dropbox, the company turned to Boomi and Deloitte Consulting LLP.

The two helped Dropbox quickly sort through its integration challenges and rapidly transform the workflows across HR functions. Deloitte had certified Boomi resources ready to go, which meant Dropbox didn’t have to go through the lengthy process of finding, hiring and onboarding them.

How Boomi Helped

Boomi and Deloitte created a highly scalable and flexible integration architecture to support
Dropbox’s continued growth. Boomi provided point-to-point integrations between Workday (the company’s primary human resources system) and various applications ranging from equity tracking to sales compensation.

Boomi also offered native-cloud API management and supported real-time data exchange among key applications. Boomi’s expansive set of prebuilt connectors, which went beyond HR, could support greater innovation and more sophisticated integrations with less effort from the Dropbox team.


The Dropbox HR integration project exceeded the expectations of the company’s executive leadership. It was a fast-track digital transformation that, in spite of its complexity, was completed on time. With Boomi integration and API Management, Dropbox was able to:

  • Reduce cloud application onboarding from weeks or months to days
  • Free data from siloed applications for streamlined workflows
  • Support deep analytical exploration of employee data through self-service access of the central data warehouse and data visualization dashboards.