Improve decisions and control costs with data-driven insights.

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Boomi Solutions for Analytics

Our solutions

  • Data accuracy
  • Business case ROI
  • Decision making
  • Cost control


Gain confidence in your data

Make well-informed decisions based on timely, accurate data.

  • Ensure single-source-of-truth data is available throughout every system
  • Ditch swivel-chair processes with automation
  • Access synchronized data from multiple systems in more place

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Spend your budget wisely

Provide clarity of value for your business’s big-ticket purchases.

  • Inform business cases for costly purchases
  • Get visibility into data that justify the expense of purchases
  • Access timely, trusted data

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Confident recommendations

Timely, accurate data becomes basis for all decisions.

  • Ensure your dashboards are populated with the best data available
  • Access real-time data, all the time
  • Gain inherent trust that data is accurate

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Regain control of your budget

Visibility provides accurate understanding of technology costs

  • Ensure everything you buy gets used
  • Keep application proliferation in check
  • Eliminate redundant, unused systems

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Boomi has become our go-to for integration. Boomi isn’t just another tool — it’s a mission-critical tool for us to quickly connect data and applications in a fast-growing environment.
Theodore Sager
Director of IT Automation, Qlik

Using Boomi, we solved our on-premises and cloud integration issues and cut operational costs by 80 percent.
Felix Chandra
Business Systems Senior Manager, ESOMAR

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