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From onboarding through development, we’ll work with you on training, consultation and more to make sure you’re achieving your key business outcomes.




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Guaranteed Success

Our mission is to make our customers successful from day one – and we understand customer success and support go hand-in-hand. Regardless of where you are in the customer journey, we’re here to help you accomplish your goals: through training sessions, consultations, predictive assistance, and technical account reviews.

Customer Success
Boomi Support Options

Beyond Support: Customer Success

Your trusted advisor to help you understand how to accelerate time
to value and leverage Boomi to meet strategic goals. Here’s how we help.


Onboarding We are here to help you get started with an introduction to all the resources you need to be successful including the Boomiverse, our online community, your Success Assurance team, Boomi courses and certification, where to find the User Group nearest you and even a Boomi community job board. But this is just the beginning of our ongoing communication.
Predictive Assistance With our Predictive Assistance technology we can see the overall health of our entire customer population, and whether an individual customer—like you—is having an issue that we can help resolve. It’s all part of how we help Boomi customers increase their ROI from our platform.
Support Monitoring Almost everyone needs support at some time. But consistently heavy support usage generally indicates deeper issues. We monitor support activity and reach out to customers whose support history suggests they may benefit from additional product functionality, training, or free online resources they may be unaware of.
Support Case Monitoring In particularly complex support cases that are proving hard to resolve, you may request case escalation via the Customer Success team. We can coordinate the resources and efforts of the Success Assurance and Professional Services groups to guide the case to a positive outcome.
Customer Champion Stay active in the Boomiverse and become part of Boomi’s Customer Champion program to earn points for various types of engagement with Boomi. Customer Champion status opens access to reward levels and special networking opportunities, but most of all sharing.

Your Success Journey

Boomi Support Options

To accommodate your application integration and data management needs,
Boomi provides three levels of support: Standard, Premier, and Premier Plus.


Boomi Standard support is included at no charge with all Boomi subscriptions. Our Boomi 24/7, toll-free phone support covers only Severity 1 issues (production down). Premier Available for Professional, Enterprise, or Enterprise Plus edition customers. The cost of Premier support is 25% of the total annual subscription price, including extra data source connections, add-ons, and upgrades. Premier Plus Exclusive to Enterprise and Enterprise Plus edition customers. The cost of Premier Plus support is 35% of the total annual subscription price, with a $25,000 annual minimum.
Response Time Severity 1: 1 hour, 24/7

Severity 2-4: 2 business days

Severity 1: 1 hour, 24/7

Severity 2-4: 8 business hours

Severity 1: 1 hour, 24/7

Severity 2-4: 4 hours, 24/7

Business Hours Defined by region 24/5: from Sun 5pm to Fri 8pm 24/7
Phone Support
Email Support
Chat Support
Case Management 15/year Unlimited Unlimited

Let’s discuss what support option best fits your needs.

Training and Certification

On-Demand Training

Boomi has world-class support – whenever you need it. With on-demand training, customers always have access to resources they need, at the right time, to accelerate time to value

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