Boomi AI

Integrate and automate with generative AI

About Boomi AI

Boomi AI offers a suite of capabilities that harness the power of generative AI to integrate and automate faster, so you can democratize innovation and accelerate business outcomes that change the future.

How it works

Learning from 200M integrations, the generative AI resembles your thought process and translates your words into actions to radically connect applications, data, processes, people, and devices.

Become radically productive

More outcomes with less inputs

Describe business outcomes you want using everyday language. Boomi AI will integrate and automate based on best practices from more than 200M use cases of over a decade, so you can move faster to your next projects with less resources.

Get smarter about your business

Let your business’ data drive your business

Stay in the know about what is going on in your business. We proactively solve your future problems by infusing intelligence into business processes and providing insights with predictive maintenance, automatic updates, and optimal resource allocation.

Think bigger to innovate

New ideas, no added burden

Orchestrate business processes across teams to drive higher efficiency and scalability. Free up time for your teams from routine tasks and decision-making, so they can do the work that matters most to the organization.


  • Boomi GPT

    Through a conversational experience, describe what you want to integrate and automate using everyday language. Your copilot will design an outline of the best integration process for you to accept or modify.

  • Explain

    Explain the what, how, and why behind the integration process outline, designed by your copilot. Provide transparency to help you understand what happens in the background. 

  • Suggest

    AI will suggest the next best steps to take when building integrations with automated data mapping, building blocks, and more.

  • Quick Start

    Answer a few simple questions. Machine learning will guide how to connect applications in 3 minutes. No need to spend time configuring pre-built recipes or templates.

Get AI ready

Boomi helps enterprises easily adopt AI technologies, realize values, and achieve business outcomes without drowning in a sea of complexity.

AI Insights

Learn about the latest trends in AI, stories from companies achieving innovative business outcomes, and approaches to prepare for the future and win.

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Boomi GPT

Integrate with OpenAI GPT-3 and GPT-4 to create your own enterprise chatbots with unique personalities and enable your team to experience LLM-powered automation using everyday language.

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