Boomi AI

Integrate and automate with generative AI

About Boomi AI

Boomi AI offers a suite of capabilities that harness the power of generative AI to integrate and automate faster, so you can democratize innovation and accelerate business outcomes that change the future.

How it works

Learning from 200M integrations, the generative AI resembles your thought process and translates your words into actions to radically connect applications, data, processes, people, and devices.

Become radically productive

More outcomes with less inputs

Describe business outcomes you want using everyday language. Boomi AI will integrate and automate based on best practices from more than 200M use cases of over a decade, so you can move faster to your next projects with less resources.

Get smarter about your business

Let your business’ data drive your business

Stay in the know about what is going on in your business. We proactively solve your future problems by infusing intelligence into business processes and providing insights with predictive maintenance, automatic updates, and optimal resource allocation.

Think bigger to innovate

New ideas, no added burden

Orchestrate business processes across teams to drive higher efficiency and scalability. Free up time for your teams from routine tasks and decision-making, so they can do the work that matters most to the organization.


451 Research Study: The Impact of AI on Enterprise Integration and Automation

Learn more about:
  • How business and IT leaders view risks and promises of GenAI
  • What the most popular use cases are for GenAI in integration and automation
  • How businesses are investing in GenAI projects
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  • Boomi GPT

    Describe your integration and automation needs using natural language. Have conversations with the Boomi Enterprise Platform to get more meaningful results faster.

  • Boomi DesignGen

    Ask GenAI to design your integration process based on 200M+ common patterns and best practices. Simply say the words to adjust the process to align with your requirements.

  • Boomi Pathfinder

    Provide patented suggestions on the next best steps to take when building integration processes with automated data mapping, building blocks, error resolution, and more.

  • Boomi DataDetective

    Stay on top of data privacy and protect sensitive information with AI-powered data classification. Track where you are moving your data across regions.

  • Boomi Scribe

    Skip manually writing documentation about your existing and AI-generated integration processes. Let GenAI handle your busywork of detailing process description and business use case.

  • Boomi Answers

    Save time from searching through user community discussions and articles. Simply ask questions about Boomi and get the most useful answer from over 240K community users.