Harness your data to deliver a seamless customer experience

Customers want an omnichannel retail experience that’s frictionless and personalized. Winning the business depends on connecting siloed data and applications to understand your shoppers, orchestrate processes and optimize inventory. Without integration, invaluable data is held hostage by your business applications. Shoppers click away to a competitor unless you can achieve the omnichannel ideal of a consistent and seamless experience across every digital, physical and telephone touchpoint.


Unlock the value of data with integration across your retail ecosystem, from ecommerce storefronts and mobile apps to physical store point-of-sale and inventory management. Boomi dissolves application barriers to help build automated workflows and real-time visibility into customer behavior.

Streamline omnichannel commerce
Connect customer-facing and back-office systems for seamless omnichannel purchasing, pickups and returns. Give store and support associates the data they need to delight consumers.
Personalize the customer experience
Consolidate customer data into a 360-degree view across multiple touch points. Then capitalize on that data to understand your shoppers, anticipate their needs and engage them with personalized interactions.
Optimize inventory and orders
Gain visibility into inventory availability across channels, warehouses and partners to reduce costs and streamline replenishment. Connect systems to speed order processing and deliver real-time status to consumers.

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