Harness your data to deliver unique and differentiated customer journeys.

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The Boomi Difference

Master Data-Driven Retail

Retail businesses are at a tipping point – fueled by new market pressures and new opportunities to understand and anticipate customer needs. Shoppers have access to more information and connect using many platforms. Today’s connected consumer wants a highly personalized, seamless experience across every channel.


Driving to Smarter Retail Solutions

More than 300 retailers leverage Boomi to create unique and differentiated customer journeys—starting from the first point of contact, traveling through the lifetime of the customer. Boomi brings systems together for marketing, purchasing, e-commerce, POS, promotions, customer service, pricing, inventory, ERP, CRM, and customer loyalty to understand customer needs—and exceed customer expectations.

Start Quickly

Time-to-value is critical to retailers, as they must roll out new products and services rapidly to address competitive pressures and customer expectations.

Build Efficiently

Connect people, technology and process like never before to eliminate data silos and create a true customer 360-degree view.

Grow Confidently

Unlike other vendors, Boomi grows with your business—uniting all of your systems and data to achieve unique and differentiated customer experiences.

Increase Revenue

Easily manage EDI transactions to securely automate supplier interactions. Gain scale while saving time and money for your company and trading partners.

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"Boomi is a Swiss Army knife that gives us flexibility to innovate. Tying Boomi in with NetSuite helps us streamline our growth and quickly tackle any operational problems that may occur."
Blake Thomas, Partner
"Boomi's at the heart of our integration strategy."
Ian Wilson, Head of IT Architecture, The White Company

IT and Business Units Accelerate Growth

Kelly-Moore Paints continues to improve business processes, increase efficiencies, and automate its workflows by bringing integration projects in-house.

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Green Rabbit Drives Growth of Shipping Business with Boomi’s Bulletproof EDI

Using the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, Green Rabbit saves more than 200 hours per week in manual processing while delivering mistake-free, next-day shipping.
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