Information Technology

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Information Technology

Our Solutions

  • Employee experience
  • Application sprawl
  • Data consistency
  • Overwhelmed IT


Deliver modern application experiences

Remove complexity and friction from your employees’ daily tasks.

  • End the application overload for your workforce
  • Manage application connectivity with ease
  • Consolidate complex data landscape for improved employee interactions

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Connect everything

Easily integrate systems, data, and people to improve business productivity.

  • Return control to IT with digital connectedness
  • Reduce risk with a complete view of data
  • Enable cloud strategy success with connectivity

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"Golden record" consistency

A single, interconnected repository ensures the availability of trustworthy information.

  • Synchronize data to and from all sources
  • Correct inaccurate, missing data automatically
  • Gain 360-degree visibility of all data

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Provide self-service

Make IT the hero by always saying “yes” to the business.

  • Enable IT to consistently meet business expectations
  • Create self-service to allow business users to solve issues
  • Reduce mundane tasks with automation

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We develop integrations with Boomi in a quarter of the time it took us before, and those integrations run three or four times faster than they did on our previous platform.
John Parker
Lead Software Engineer & Integrations Architect, Computer Concepts Limited
By implementing Boomi, UNIMINUTO has dramatically improved IT productivity and reduced costs. A project that took two years and $200,000 with legacy middleware was complete in 3.5 months and $66,000 with Boomi.
Diego Vargas
Founding Partner, SQDM

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