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Boomi Integration connect applications

How it Works

Connect applications faster with pre-built integration and the guidance of over 200M machine learning integrations. Spend more time on innovation and less on maintenance with intelligent integration and automation.

Pre-built connectors and recipes

Integrate faster and easier

Select from a large library of pre-built application connectors and integration recipes to jumpstart your integrations.


Intelligent integration and automation

More innovation, less maintenance

Eliminate manual upgrade time, costs, and headaches associated with legacy middleware. Let intelligent integration and automation handle the maintenance to enable your team to focus on innovation.

Boomi Integration: Autonomous integration

Intelligent guidance

Leverage the Boomi community

Knowing what data to map between applications can be one of the most challenging aspects of integration. Boomi Suggest applies machine learning to over 10 years of crowdsourced intelligence, providing high-quality recommendations to simplify integration.

Boomi Integration: Autonomous Integration


  • Pre-built connectors

    Plug into Boomi connectors to eliminate the time consuming task of exchanging data between applications and other data sources.

  • Hybrid deployment

    Single instance, multi-tenant architecture ensures your integrations in the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge are never out of synchronization.

  • "Suggest" Integration guidance

    Get self-learning with over 200M integrations, crowdsourced for machine learning to simplify mapping of entities between applications.

  • Single platform experience

    Easily leverage additional platform services such as EDI and API Management with the same user experience as Boomi Integration.

  • Self-managed

    Automatic platform updates deploy synchronized changes to your integration processes to keep your focus on innovation.

  • Regression-tested integrations

    Optionally upload test versions of your integrations to Boomi Assure to minimize regressions from software updates.

  • Crowdsourced troubleshooting

    Common errors resolved within the UI, based on crowdsourced contributions from the Boomi support team and the user community.

  • 99.99% Uptime

    Get higher SLAs with Boomi's intelligent integration and automation, enabling your on-premises integrations to synchronize – even if you have a break in your internet connectivity.

There's no comparison between Boomi and other products on the market. Boomi is a full solution. It handles everything under the sun with any-to-any integrations, and I have not seen a competitor match that.
Brandy Loftis, IT Integrations Manager
Consumer goods


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Boomi Jumpstart Training and Consulting Services

Your team will benefit from our integration development expertise, hands-on training, and assistance, all customized to meet your unique business objectives.

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Boomi Suggest and Boomi Assure Route Guidance

If Boomi Suggest acts as a GPS, think of Boomi Assure as providing peace of mind by future-proofing your existing integrations.

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Boomi Integration: Connect Apps and Data With Speed and Ease

Boomi provides a cloud-native, high productivity integration solution that easily and cost effectively supports all your application and data integration needs, across your hybrid IT landscape.

Get started with intelligent integration and automation.