American Cancer Society

ACS uses Boomi to integrate key applications, like Salesforce and NetSuite, connecting 39% more patients with volunteers through its Service Match program and matching more donors to fundraising systems to deliver 3,000 events per year.

Business Goals

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has played a role in nearly every cancer breakthrough in the last 100 years. To continue its cancer-fighting history, the ACS needed to better connect patients with volunteers and caregivers and provide fundraising event managers with consistent data from multiple systems faster.

To get an enterprise-wide understanding of its data, ACS needed an integrated platform that could:

  • Enhance its Service Match digital business service
  • Facilitate digital interactions with the aforementioned constituents by leveraging consistent data

Integration Challenges

For ACS to morph into a data-driven organization, it needed to consolidate more than 10 regions — each with its own IT and financial systems — retire legacy solutions, adopt a cloud-first strategy, and integrate key applications including NetSuite and Salesforce.

Critical challenges were:

  • Data spread across business critical systems that didn’t sync properly
  • Inconsistent data in across key platforms
  • Old legacy systems that were too costly to maintain
  • Limited financial reporting capabilities and KPI tracking

How Boomi Helped

With Boomi, ACS was able to quickly integrate Salesforce and NetSuite, giving volunteers, patients, caregivers, and event managers better access to real-time data. Boomi helps ensure that revenue and expense information for fundraising events managed in NetSuite is consistent with fundraising event data managed in Salesforce.

Integration with other key applications including Concur for travel and expense management helps the organization streamline business processes, and connection with its data warehouse delivers access to historical information.


Using the Boomi Enterprise Platform, ACS has integrated 120+ applications, data stores, and external systems while processing 250,000 transactions daily. The integration between Salesforce and NetSuite allows ACS to synchronize all revenue and expense information, and has facilitated:

  • Service Match program improvements, resulting in a 39% increase in ride shares
  • Access to real-time aggregated data through any channel for all constituents
  • Better service to 30,000 patients yearly
  • Connecting more donors to fundraising systems to enable 3,000 events per year