Low-code workflow automation.

Boomi Flow Low Code Automation

How it Works

Build applications and automate workflows with low-code and cloud-native technologies to make digital experiences happen quickly, securely, and at scale.

Build apps quickly at scale

Develop more in less time

Slash time from months to hours with pre-built templates and low-code development that enable developers to drag and drop components in a visual interface rather than writing code. Create reusable components to further customize your apps and meet business needs.

Boomi Flow: Build apps quickly at scale

Integrate your digital ecosystem

Expedite data connectivity

Securely integrate databases and systems for seamless data flow across hybrid environments -on-premises, in the cloud, and at the edge - with hundreds of pre-built connectors from our REST APIs. Connect to OpenTelemetry to improve system health with data observability.

Boomi Flow: Integrate your digital ecosystem

Engage anyone on any device

Improve brand experience

Create responsive apps with offline support that deliver consistent user experiences across mobile and desktop devices. Achieve greater data control with multi-cloud runtime that empowers developers to choose where to deploy apps -on-premises or in any cloud of choice.

Boomi Flow: Engage anyone on any device


  • Flow canvas

    Save development time and money by replacing manual code writing with an intuitive, visual drag-and-drop interface.

  • Flow library

    Get a head start on building your next applications with example flows, page templates, and players.

  • Pre-built connectors

    Leverage Boomi Integration to easily connect to data sources and applications, including OpenAPI, to securely enable data flows.

  • Data observability

    Send observability data to an OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP) endpoint to troubleshoot, debug, and manage flow runtime performance.

  • Multicloud runtime

    Deploy apps anywhere — on-premises, private cloud, or any public cloud of your choice — for greater data control and flexibility.

  • Custom components

    Extend beyond drag-and-drop techniques and build reusable components to customize user interfaces and match business needs.

  • Security

    Comply with data security regulations that protect sensitive information with FedRAMP Authorization and ISO 27001 Certification.

  • API-first architecture

    Allow developers to expand on existing functionalities and interact directly with the Flow APIs.

Flow is incredibly easy to work with. We’re realizing a whole year’s worth of business value because it would have taken 12 months or more to hand-build our partner portals.
Tim Heger
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, HealthBridge Financial
Health Bridge
With Boomi Integration and Flow, we were able to take our express refinance program from 60 to 90 days down to just a couple of days to fulfill those same requests.
Sachin Kundra
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Chevron Federal Credit Union


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