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Low-code workflow automation to deliver trusted user engagement, everywhere.

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The Benefits of Low Code
Workflow Automation

Boomi Flow is a modern, cloud-native service for building and automating workflows to provide business value in record time.

Transform and Automate Your Workflows

Meet and exceed customer expectations by innovating more rapidly. Remove business complexity, reduce manual work, and optimize management time by digitizing processes.

Accelerate Business Agility

Rapidly build, deploy, and manage workflow applications across public cloud, private cloud, on-premises, or hybrid cloud environments, without the need for custom coding.

Create Engaging User Experiences

Increase process adoption by providing easy-to-use interfaces that adapt to any device. Remove existing usability barriers due to complicated and confusing legacy software. Provide customers, partners and employees with experiences that drives delight.

Improve Organizational Collaboration

Easily bring your cross-functional teams together to meet business needs through customized portals. No longer will IT and stakeholders feel like they are speaking different languages. Boomi can unify teams through engagement.

Realize Cloud-first Strategies Without Introducing Risk

Assure experiences are relevant for all personas, no matter where they are. Multicloud/hybrid cloud deployment options support choice with trust and agility built-in.

Boomi Flow – Hybrid working is the future


The Benefits of Low-Code Workflow Automation

What Is Workflow Automation?
Workflow automation removes or reduces the manual effort required to complete business processes, by implementing rules-based logic to automate and streamline a series of actions.
How Low-Code Workflow Automation Can Save Time and Resources
As business processes grow increasingly complex in the modern, tech-driven world, automation and orchestration become essential capabilities to keep pace with customer expectations, drive innovation, and maintain efficient operations.


Seamless workflows help businesses collaborate, build, and grow cohesively. Unfortunately, disconnected workflows represent a pervasive problem across the corporate spectrum, leading to silos, inconsistencies, and poor experiences for all personas.


Adopting a low-code workflow automation solution enables modern businesses to become better connected while cutting down on expensive, inefficient, error-prone, and often duplicative manual processes. It helps teams trust their data – and one another – while focusing their energy and attention on the work that matters.
Workflow Automation Anywhere with Boomi
Boomi Flow offers powerful, low-code workflow automation capabilities that bring today’s businesses to the next level. This cloud-native service can automate the simplest to the most sophisticated workflows and everything in between, allowing you to create applications that meet your exact needs.


Flow’s multicloud architecture enables operational agility while protecting sensitive data. Flow-built engagements work anywhere and can even be embedded in your SaaS applications.


And a drag-and-drop, low-code interface makes workflow building a breeze.

Inside Flow

Build and Automate Workflows, from Simple
to Sophisticated Applications

1. Draw

Turn ideas into reality, fast. Build your workflow applications using simple drag-and-drop editing tools. Spend your time and energy building apps, rather than grappling with burdensome infrastructure.

2. Publish

Package all elements of your application and manage version control. You can publish with a single click and convert flow diagrams into fully-functioning apps, which are then easy to organize and manage.

3. Engage

Distribute your application to run in any cloud or on any device, platform, or channel. Boomi Flow is built for flexibility and versatility to meet the needs of your digital business.

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With Boomi Flow, you can rapidly build a range of engagement solutions in days or weeks, not months.
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