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B2B/EDI Management

Modernize your trading partner network.

Boomi B2B EDI Management Modernize Your Traiding Partner Network

How it works

Cloud-native integration with your EDI/B2B ecosystem while ensuring security, compliance and end-to-end visibility.

Reduce high-cost of legacy B2B/EDI

Streamlined partner management

Boomi EDI provides an easy-to-use interface that enables businesses to quickly integrate with partners, suppliers, and vendors to simplify processes, create greater supply-chain visibility and trade more efficiently.

Boomi B2B/EDI: Reduce high-cost of legacy B2B/EDI

Unified B2B/EDI transactions

Eliminate outsourcing isolation

Ensure that collaboration isn't isolated and decoupled from the broad requirements of modern digital transformation. With Boomi B2B/EDI, you don't need a separate external integration or workflow tool to get data in or out of the ERP successfully.

Unified B2B/EDI transactions

Enable key B2B/EDI standards

Tools for efficiency

Get tools to help your business move faster, more securely, and with greater efficiency. This includes a wide variety of traditional and modern EDI standards including XML, X12, EDIFACT, HL7, RosettaNet, Tradacoms, as well as the ability to define custom standards.

Enable key B2B/EDI standards

EDI Management Features

  • Monitor all integrations

    Easily generate detailed reports for any EDI activities to help simplify tracking, improve error resolution, and speed up reconciliation.

  • Trading partner framework

    Set and manage your trading partner components from one place to easily find, configure, and deploy changes for your partner communication.

  • Extensive Integrations

    Native connectivity to most key ERPs, and thousands of other apps, allowing you to ramp-up quickly and efficiently.

  • Industry-standard connectivity

    Support the full range of trading partner communications — AS2 (Drummond certified), FTP/Secure FTP, MLLP or Web Services.

  • Business visibility

    Enable business and operational users with extensive visibility into their EDI data, using an easy-to-use EDI Dashboard.

  • Rapid partner onboarding

    Slash onboarding time for new partners in your network from weeks to just hours using a self-service partner onboarding app.

Boomi is our go-to for integration. It’s a mission-critical tool for us to quickly connect data and applications in a fast-growing environment.
Theodore Sager
Director of IT Automation, Qlik
Thanks to Boomi, we have extreme confidence in our EDI process. Plus, more visibility and control over critical data.
Gary Cifatte
Chief Technology Officer, Green Rabbit
Green Rabbit


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