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Boomi Solutions for Support Teams

Our solutions

  • Issue resolution
  • Knowledge access
  • Triage handling
  • Churn management


Quick problem solving

Implement faster issue resolutions to meet high expectations of customers and employees.

  • Provide faster response times with connected systems
  • Identify issues quickly
  • Deliver easy access to fixes for common problems

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Easy customer self-help

Readily available information helps customers find their own solutions faster.

  • Enable support to respond only to critical issues
  • Engage customers how and where they prefer
  • Get customers the help they need with intuitive bots

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Help based on priority

Quickly surface highest-need issues for quicker resolution.

  • Get clear transparency into every ticket
  • Address the most serious issues immediately
  • Show and rank existing requests with real-time dashboards

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Clear insights

Maintain awareness of vulnerable customers based on data insights in connected systems.

  • Ensure awareness of customer engagement
  • Provide easy access to information about features and functionality
  • Highlight low-engagement accounts with dashboards

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The business value of Boomi is making sure the right data is in the right place at the right time. Before Boomi we could only move data once a night. With Boomi we can automatically update our data once an hour or every 15 minutes, with zero hassles.
Michael “Ski” Cierkowski
Director of Architecture and Emerging Technologies, Slalom
The Boomi solution is not just a solution that's easy for us, it's something we rely on for our customers. We're promising high-end service, and Boomi is part of that promise.
Kyle Woodcock
Monitoring and Service Management Lead, Virtustream

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