Service Description

Introduction to Your Service

As described in this Service Description (the “Service Description”), the Boomi AtomSphere Service (the “Service”) provides customer (“you” or “Customer”) access to a proprietary, business-integration, software-as-a-service via the Internet on a subscription basis. The Service enables you to integrate your data, software and software applications. Elements of the Service can be hosted by Boomi in a Boomi Cloud or downloaded and installed behind your firewall.

Offer Description

In connection with the Service,  Boomi will provide Customer access to and use of a web-based software platform, developed, provided and hosted by Boomi, that enables you to design, build and execute integration processes (the “Boomi AtomSphere”). The Boomi AtomSphere includes the Boomi Atom, the Connector, and the Boomi Integration Platform.


A “Connection” is one connection end-point to a database, application, or API for use in an integration process created within the Boomi Integration Platform. “Enterprise” class Connections and “Standard” class Connections are as stated at Customer will be periodically notified in writing of added or deleted available Connections.

“Boomi Atom” means the proprietary runtime engine hosted by Boomi, or downloaded and installed behind your firewall, which executes the integration processes.

“Boomi EDI” means the proprietary web-based Boomi AtomSphere software developed, provided and hosted by Boomi that enables you to design, build, execute and manage a trading partner network using traditional EDI data transformation (specifically AS2 and X12 data structures).

“Boomi Integration Platform” means the web-accessible design interface and library of components developed by Boomi, including, but not limited to, connectors, transformation maps, error handling modules, decision handling modules and processing logic, that enable you to design, create, build and manage an integration process.

“Connector” means the software code developed by Boomi that enables a connection to one instance of an application, database or file format.

“ViewData” is a function within the Service that provides Customer with the ability to use a web browser to view data from the integrations processed by the Boomi Atom.

Optional Services

Customer may elect to purchase the following optional services which, if purchased, will be reflected on Customer’s Order Form:

Consulting Services: Hourly, prepaid, or per-interface consulting, offering expertise in Boomi AtomSphere and general enterprise integration best practices.

Boomi Fundamentals ILT: Depending on the service purchased, either a web-based training and consulting service to help Customer become self-sufficient in using the Service or an onsite service involving integration consulting, assistance defining and implementing a pilot integration process and, if purchased, Boomi AtomSphere training and certification.

Support Services: Boomi’s goal is to provide support according to the tables below, depending on the level of support you’ve purchased. Standard Business Hours are defined by region:

Asia Pacific (APAC): 8am — 8pm GMT+11, Monday — Friday
Americas: 8am — 8pm ET, Monday — Friday
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA): 8am — 8pm GMT, Monday — Friday

Extended Business Hours are from Sunday 5pm – Friday 8pm. If you believe Boomi has failed to respond to your support request in a timely manner, please contact us at and we will work to remedy the situation.

Standard Premier Premier Plus
Hours of Coverage Standard Business Hours

24×7 for Severity 1

Extended Business Hours

24×7 for Severity 1

24×7 for all Severity Levels
Support Channels User Forums

Web Portal Access During Business Hours

User Forums

Web Portal Access During Business Hours

Live Chat


User Forums

24×7 Web Portal Access

Live Chat


Number of Cases 15 / year Unlimited Unlimited
Case Overage Charge Overages are charged at then current list price None None
Support Response Time Standard Premier Premier Plus
Severity 1 (Urgent): Security breach, production down, or complete system failure. Significant parts of the system are not secure or are inaccessible or inoperable. There is no viable workaround. 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Severity 2 (High): Primary business requirements could not be met. There are no easily apparent viable workarounds. Performance, functionality, or usability is seriously degraded. 2 business days 8 business hours 4 hours
Severity 3 (Medium): Business requirements can be met with the system. Workaround is apparent. Performance, functionality, or usability is not seriously degraded. 2 business days 8 business hours 4 hours
Severity 4 (Low): May be addressed in a future release at Boomi’s discretion. Minor typos, wish list suggestions, but not a required change. Would not affect release accuracy or usability in any significant way. 2 business days 8 business hours 4 hours

Service Levels

Boomi makes the Service available to you pursuant to the Boomi AtomSphere Service Level Agreement (“SLA”), which is posted at and is hereby incorporated into this Service Description. The SLA may be amended from time to time by Boomi, and any such amended version of the SLA will be the operative SLA with respect to this Service Description and the Service (i) from that point forward, or (ii) upon the next renewal date of the term, if Customer provides written notice of Customer’s objection to the change within 30 days of the amendment. Any new features added by Boomi that update, augment, or enhance the Service will also be subject to this Service Description.


Billing is done on an annual basis up-front, except in the case of Consulting Services that are purchased separately, and is payable in accordance with the payment terms set forth in your Order Form.

If Boomi is hosting the Boomi Atom in the Boomi Cloud, the Boomi AtomSphere fees (as listed on your Order Form) include up to one (1) gigabyte of data processed per Boomi Atom per month (the “Base Amount”). If you exceed the Base Amount, you will be invoiced an additional one-hundred-and-seventeen dollars ($117 USD) a month in additional data volume fees for each gigabyte or fraction thereof processed in excess of the Base Amount.

Boomi may impose a reconnection fee in the event Customer’s account is suspended and Customer thereafter requests access to the Services.

The activation date (“Activation Date”) of this Service Description is the date on which the related Order Form is executed by the Customer and accepted by Boomi. Billing will begin on the start date specified in the Order Form (the “Billing Start Date”).

Boomi Professional Services are available and, if purchased, are subject to a separate signed Professional Services Agreement.

Data Transfer

If Customer uses a Boomi Atom that is hosted by Boomi or engages the ViewData function, Customer data will be transferred to the Boomi AtomSphere platform in the United States. For the purposes of any such transfer, and as required by the applicable Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) that governs Customers’ use of the Service, Boomi will put in place adequate protection to safeguard the Customer data as follows: (i) to the extent Customer data is confidential, Boomi will protect such data in accordance with the confidentiality terms set forth in the MSA, (ii)  Boomi will use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Customer data (including any personal data) against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access, and (iii) Boomi will obligate its subcontractors and/or business partners who may have access to the Customer data to adopt equivalent security measures to those set out in subsection (ii) above.


Other than with respect to the Boomi AtomSphere, no hardware or software is being transferred, sold, leased or licensed to Customer under this Service Description. To the extent Boomi uses hardware or software as part of its delivery of the Service, such hardware or software will be licensed, owned or otherwise held by Boomi. Upon successful implementation of the Service, Customer agrees to reasonably support reference activities including press releases, case studies, reference calls and speaking engagements.

Terms & Conditions

Availability varies by country. To learn more, customers and Channel Partners should contact your sales representative for more information.

Trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Specifications are correct at date of publication, but are subject to availability or change without notice at any time. Boomi and its affiliates cannot be responsible for errors or omissions in typography or photography. This Service Description is governed by and subject to the terms and conditions in Customer’s separate signed MSA to the extent such agreement explicitly authorizes Customer to order the Service or, in the absence of such agreement, Boomi’s terms and conditions of sale apply and are available upon request or online at