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Boomi Solutions for Marketing

Our solutions

  • Customer 360
  • Data coordination
  • Sales alignment
  • Connect marketing campaigns


Customer 360

Access to all data sources to design thoughtful, intuitive journeys for customers.

  • Remove any friction that hinders great customer experiences
  • Exceed ever-growing customer expectations great brand loyalty
  • Create a single source of truth for each customer

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Synchronized, enriched, coordinated data

Real-time access to data informs marketing priorities and drives better results.

  • Surface deep data sources in an easily understood and accessible way
  • Ensure consistency and quality of data to synchronize all marketing efforts
  • Empower self-service for marketers to eliminate wasted time

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Sales & Marketing: Better together

Delight Sales with credible pipeline and greater cooperation throughout the entire deal cycle.

  • Empower marketers to drive Sales cycles
  • Simplify Sales & Marketing collaboration through connected systems
  • Drive visibility into expansion efforts of existing customers

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Connect your marketing campaigns

A trusted data foundation is needed to fuel the marketing engine.

  • Easily connect all systems and teams in a single platform
  • Speed lead-to-opportunity timelines with intelligent integration and automation
  • Enriched data creates confidence

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Most common

  • Connectors
  • Recipes
  • Partners
Today, with Boomi, we can provide our customers with all the necessary data insights they need on a daily basis, and react fast with stability.
Orly Ganor
VP of Operations, Natural Intelligence

We can now leverage different B2B and B2C ecommerce systems, integrate bespoke applications, connect our machines, and transform primary processes.
Thomas Boogert
ERP & ICT Manager, Secrid

The Boomi Platform affords Oshkosh Corporation the opportunity to accelerate the delivery of our strategic initiatives and drive innovation excellence.
Dan McCartney
Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Simplification, Oshkosh Corporation

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