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The Boomi Difference

Build a resilient
campus experience

Higher education is in flux. With student enrollment fluctuating, classroom locations diversifying, and many employees rejoining after an absence, there’s no time to waste significant personnel and budget on custom-coded processes to optimize brittle and complex technology stacks. With Boomi, organizations can build a resilient campus experience that connects everyone, anything, anywhere.


Modernize, transform, and innovate in higher education

Boomi delivers agile, efficient application and data integration to help fuel IT modernization in higher education. Institutions rely on Boomi to transform their digital systems to keep pace with the rapid evolution of how colleges and universities need to deliver their learning experiences.

Drive “Ease-of-Everything”

Our cloud-native architecture makes it easy to buy, use, scale, and automatically upgrade our platform.

Experience fast low code integration

Intuitive drag-n-drop tech eliminates the burdens of heavy developer skills so you can achieve true data management through application integration.

Leave no data behind

Our agile, open platform makes your connected data accessible, helping you securely manage master data, delivery, and smart mapping in a single solution.

Achieve ROI of 300+%

Simple, predictable pricing allows you to focus on your business and avoid expensive and complex commitments.

“Boomi will help facilitate student re-entry post COVID-19, which demonstrates that our decision years ago on cloud-native integration platform was the right one for any situation we may face, whether that be a hurricane or a pandemic.”
Hernan Londono, Associate Vice President of Technology and CTO, Barry University
Higher Education
“We develop integrations with Boomi in a quarter of the time it took us before, and those integrations run three or four times faster than they did on our previous platform. Boomi has helped us modernize both our strategy and our move to cloud-based, best-of-breed applications with much more streamlined and simple upgrade paths.”
John Parker, Lead Software Engineer and Integrations Architect, Cornell
Higher Education
“The Boomi Enterprise Platform connects key applications and data sources that students need every day, supporting the technology that humanizes learning and anticipates student needs.”
David Formica, Chief Digital Information Officer, University of Canberra
Higher Education

Boomi helps more than 150 schools and universities redefine the boundaries of learning

Using Boomi, over 150 universities—including Cornell University, Barry University, and University of Sussex—have increased operational efficiency and achieved faster remote learning transitions.
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Barry University leverages cloud technologies, including Boomi, Salesforce, and Workday, to create a resilient campus

A Florida university accelerates admissions decisions by 6X and turns 48 percent more prospects into formal applicants while gaining resilience to adapt to COVID-19.
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