Build the connected digital campus

University Cloud Platform

Universities and colleges need fast, flexible integration across legacy and cloud applications to run a connected campus. Today’s students and faculty expect a seamless digital experience on all channels. Create a more efficient digital campus and improve student success by making information available whenever and wherever students and staff need it.

Cornell’s Information Technologies group leverages Boomi to accelerate its transformation into a cloud-first connected campus, building integrations in a quarter of the time needed with legacy middleware.

Green River Community College used Boomi AtomSphere to integrate their Admissions Database to Salesforce entirely from the cloud.

Modernizing IT & Data Integration in Higher Ed

Boomi delivers agile, efficient application and data integration to help fuel IT modernization in higher education. Institutions rely on Boomi to transform their digital systems to keep pace with the rapid evolution of how colleges and universities need to deliver their learning experiences.

Manage the full student lifecycle
Strengthen relationships as students move through recruitment, onboarding, instruction and alumni phases. Gain a unified lifecycle view that benefits students and your institution. With a unified single view of the student, you can actively drive student success.
Enrich the learning experience
Put vital information at student's fingertips to improve academic performance. Enrich student portals with a broad range of academic resources as well as learning and networking applications.
Drive faculty and administrative efficiency
Connect applications to give teachers and administrators easy access to data for instruction, human resources, student and financial management, marketing, analytics and more.

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