Human Resources

Provide seamless onboarding and better employee experiences.

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Boomi Solutions for Human Resources

Our solutions

  • Flawless onboarding
  • Invest in your people
  • Streamline talent pipeline
  • Delight your employees


Flawless onboarding

Automate get-started tasks across multiple systems in one integrated dashboard.

  • Eliminate wasted time with connected recruiting and onboarding systems
  • Remove unnecessary friction for new hires with easy access to what they need
  • Easily update all systems when employees leave the company

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Invest in your people

Help your employees be the best they can be with tailored training and growth opportunities.

  • Automate messages between managers and co-workers for colleague acknowledgement
  • Receive accurate employee metrics to help your people perform at their best
  • Connect systems and reveal knowledge gaps ripe for training opportunities

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Streamline talent pipeline

Connect relevant systems to ensure skilled people are always on your radar.

  • Maintain consistent job postings among all sources
  • Build a repository of talent from multiple recruiting sources
  • Ensure candidate data is synchronized across internal systems

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Delight your employees

Eliminate common frustrations from their work day.

  • Modernize and simplify application engagement
  • Provide easy access to systems and automate mundane tasks
  • Connect multiple communication applications so everyone is in the know

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There's really no comparison between Boomi and a manual approach. Compared to traditional middleware, integration development in Boomi is at least twice as fast and much easier. The basic work that would be manual in other platforms is all automated in Boomi.
Philip Durrant
Senior Solution Developer, Adaptiv

We needed to scale, and we needed to scale quickly. Boomi made that possible.
Tim Madewell
Senior Vice President of Professional Services, Innotas

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