Shorten the end-to-end process of building, managing, and delivering great products through seamless digital connectedness and efficient automation.

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Boomi Solutions for Manufacturing

Our Solution

  • Real-time visibility
  • Real-time data
  • Connected network
  • Systems and partner solutions


Real-time visibility

Boomi displays real-time visibility for instant collaboration with suppliers and active product tracking.

  • Gain real-time visibility across the entire supply chain ecosystem
  • Identify problems in material procurement and product shipping faster for quicker resolution
  • Meet customer expectations with automated workflows that provide closer collaboration with suppliers and partners

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Real-time data

With Boomi, receive continuous visibility across the entire manufacturing process to react quickly to issues and changing needs.

  • Get connectivity to assets and resources to feed business dashboards with accurate, real-time data for decision-making
  • Unify legacy and modern cloud-based systems to eliminate data silos that slow operations
  • Take advantage of the agility and precision offered by rapid advances in manufacturing technology and processes

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Connected equipment network

Embrace the power of manufacturing automation by connecting all the layers of AI, IoT, and smart-machine technology

  • Visualize real-time metrics with easy-to-create dashboards
  • Receive reactive, preventive, and predictive maintenance steps
  • Detect and react quickly to triggering actions or patterns with an Event-Driven Architecture

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Connect systems & partner solutions

Boomi helps connect all required systems to access data and partner solutions.

  • Connect all critical systems so the right people always have access to the data they need
  • Tap into partner systems seamlessly for data to better inform detailed analysis and orchestrate complex processes
  • Ensure success of manufacturing projects with reliable data from all needed sources


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Within five minutes of an order coming through Boomi, we can have it in the warehouse being picked out and shipped.
Gary Cifatte
Chief Technology Officer, Green Rabbit

Boomi helps us think differently about how we connect with our customers, and how we connect our systems and employees internally.
Raf Fonteyn
ICT Director, Contraload

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