Optimizing Your Supply Chain

Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate waste in every aspect of operations. Yet most manufacturers lose time, money and opportunity with disconnected data across production, supply chain and sales processes. Legacy integration tools haven’t solved the problem. Leading manufacturers are turning to agile, cloud-native integration to streamline production and supply chain execution while boosting customer and partner satisfaction.

Unlock Data in the Cloud
for Faster, Smarter Manufacturing

Manufacturers use Boomi to integrate systems for end-to-end operational efficiency and breakthrough visibility. Connect applications to boost just-in-time manufacturing and drive down costs for inventory and production. Make key data easily available for advanced demand planning and enhanced defect tracking.

Optimize operational performance
Boomi gives you flexibility to tackle any need for your manufacturing operations. Automate transactions with B2B/EDI Supply Chain management and connect sales forecasting and ERP systems to optimize sourcing and production.
Leverage IoT data
Integrate data from sensor-based IoT systems to capture new operational efficiencies, minimize maintenance costs and downtime, improve field service and strengthen quality control.
Improve insights and decisions
Gain a 360-degree view across complex global environments. Generate data-driven insights for sophisticated demand planning and informed decision making that spans from the factory floor to the C-suite.

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