Green Rabbit

With Boomi’s EDI management platform, Green Rabbit saves more than 200 hours per week in manual processing while delivering mistake-free, next-day shipping for customers. Boomi ensures orders are processed, paid for, and out the door on time.

Business Goals

Green Rabbit’s sales have grown over 50 percent annually over the last three years. That’s very fast in any market but especially so for packaged goods shipping. Driving that growth is the company’s ability to help partners consistently outperform their competitors. To do that, Green Rabbit maintains a laser focus on keeping its partner relationships operating smoothly so it can:

  • Accommodate rapid growth
  • Maintain its reputation for error-free, same-day shipping
  • Deliver industry-leading service

Integration Challenges

Green Rabbit/ CTO Gary Cifatte and his team considered several options as they searched for an EDI management platform. During their search a supplier recommended Boomi as an option that could meet all the company’s requirements, including its most pressing need: a platform it could put into production quickly. Green Rabbit need to:

  • Bring EDI in house
  • Boost speed of order entry
  • Improve accuracy
  • Automate manual processes

How Boomi Helped

Boomi easily manages the data input and output parameters for integration to Green Rabbit’s ERP system. For example, translating “California” or “Massachusetts” from a purchase order to “CA” or “MA” for the ERP system happens automatically.

These and hundreds of other seemingly minor details could cause an order to fail or require extensive “death by a thousand cuts” of highly inefficient manual rework. Plus, if a communication link fails, Boomi automatically resends the EDI message until it successfully reaches a partner.


Boomi provided a modern, low-code, cloud-based EDI platform that Green Rabbit could quickly put into production while radically streamlining management of its B2B trading partner network. The error-free speed and efficiency of the company’s Boomi-driven EDI system helped it:

  • Save 200 to 250 hours in manual order entry, processing and financial reconciliation
  • Reduce order entry time from as much as a day to between four to six seconds
  • Increase data accuracy
  • End EDI finger-pointing with trading partners