Boomi vs. TIBCO

Ease of Use vs. Non-Unified User Experience

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A disjointed, multi-product solution consisting of cloud-based integration and legacy on-premises middleware doesn’t meet the seamless integration and automation needs of today’s fast-moving companies. Take advantage of the ease of use and the unified integration and automation of the Boomi Enterprise Platform to launch your digital transformation journey faster.

Here are reasons why Boomi customers
select Boomi over TIBCO:

Unified User Experience


One platform with a unified experience across integration, API management, EDI, automation, data synchronization, and event-driven integration


Capabilities distributed across multiple dissimilar products (i.e. BusinessWorks, Cloud Integration), creating a non-unified user experience

Cloud Native


Built from Day One in the cloud on a single instance, multi-tenant architecture that enables crowdsourced AI/ML-driven guidance


Product offering based on functionality from over 15 acquisitions of on-premises and cloud-based products

Community Support


More than 220,000 Boomiverse members share expertise


May require reliance on local partners for finding developers and support

Ease of Use


Designed for multiple personas, including Citizen Integrators through Integration Developers


Can be difficult for less technical users such as Citizen Integrators



The extensive template library jumpstarts integrations and automations


Fewer templates and automation features

Cloud Data Center Support


Global data centers with plans to continue adding more to meet demand


No solid plans to expand data center locations

Trusted by the World’s Leading Organizations

Boomi is committed to security

Your data and systems are guarded with best-in-class protection.
“Boomi is operationally efficient, cost-efficient, and scalable. There’s a strong vendor commitment to always improving the technology, and we can find Boomi talent in the market without hunting for niche specialists who are very expensive and hard to find.”
Bhishma Jani
Vice President of Information Systems, Riverbed Technology
“Boomi quickly and easily scaled our network capacity from a trickle of data to millions of transactions.”
Robert Van Tuyl
Chief Innovation Officer, Easterseals Bay Area
“We looked at Boomi and thought, ‘This is too simple – how can you create complex integrations with something that’s easy to use? Even with no training, we were soon rolling out integrations in days with Boomi that took months and months of development time using our previous platform.”
John Parker
Cornelll University, Lead Software Engineer & Integrations Architect
"Boomi is easy to use and faster to learn and implement than any other comparable integration technology. Speed of development wasn't just a catchphrase during the sales cycle - Boomi has proven to be more agile, more efficient and faster than anything else."
Raf Fonteyn
“We need to provide high-quality, reliable service to our customers, and scale according to the growth of our business. That’s what pushed us to go to the next level and choose Boomi.”
Mark Ebersole
Principal Application Architect, Certent Inc.

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