Event Streams

Event-driven integrations at scale.

How it works

Create real-time, event-driven integrations with guaranteed delivery and ordering.

High-performance, event-driven integrations

Respond to changing needs

With Boomi Event Streams, your team can build integrations that deliver performance and higher output. With data volumes increasing in every industry, Event Streams provides the speed and capacity your team needs.

Flexible delivery patterns

Support diverse use cases

Boomi Event Streams supports multiple delivery modes, including FIFO, Pub-Sub, and Queuing with guaranteed message delivery, ordering, and availability. The Event Streams Connector supports all these modes to support different delivery patterns.

Reusable, portable, and flexible

Streamline your events

Event-driven integrations are purpose-built components that can be developed, tested, deployed, and scaled independently of other services. Easily and quickly configure and deploy Boomi Event Streams integrations with decoupled and reusable components.

Event Streams Features

  • Real-time integrations

    Use Event Streams for realtime integration when batch processing isn’t enough to address your ongoing needs.

  • Reliable and scalable

    Scale integration performance for high-demand use cases such as service spikes, protecting performance with failover delivery patterns.

  • Low-code development

    Use Boomi’s low-code development to build all your integrations, including event-driven integrations and batch integrations.

  • Centralized control

    Monitor all your Boomi event-driven integrations in a single pane of glass for peace of mind and rapid troubleshooting.

  • Cloud-native

    Build, run, and manage event-driven integrations in the cloud for cost-effective, scalable performance.

  • AWS Marketplace™

    Boomi Event Streams is available on the AWS Marketplace for those interested in unifying billing and leveraging their existing AWS commitments.

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