Introducing Boomi Event Streams, a Faster Way to Run Integrations

5 minute read | 13 Jun 2023

By Steven Jordan Owen Friedrich

We’re pleased to announce Boomi Event Streams, a message queueing and streaming solution fully hosted and managed within the Boomi platform. Event Streams allows organizations to create integrations that are more resilient, scalable, and real-time than traditional point-to-point integration processes.

With Event Streams, customers can quickly build event-driven integrations and manage them in a single user interface without the inherent complexity and overhead traditionally associated with event-driven architectures (EDA). When used in combination with Boomi Integration, it provides a highly scalable and reliable backbone for building event-driven integrations within a single user interface.

Why is EDA So Important To Boomi Customers?

In every industry, organizations want to move faster than ever. They want to deliver great customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey. And they want to increase operational agility, gaining the freedom to quickly seize business opportunities when they appear. Accelerating the performance of integrations with EDA is an excellent way to achieve these goals.

Traditional batch processes run at fixed schedules, not in response to real-time events such as customer interactions. More and more IT organizations are looking for ways to accelerate business, to close transactions more quickly, provide a more responsive experience for users inside and outside the organizations, and to work more efficiently with IoT devices wherever they are deployed. EDAs make all these things possible.

The Advantages of Event-Driven Architectures

EDAs operate in response to real-time events or changes in the state of an entity. In other words, they react “at the speed of business.” And because they free transactions from moving in lock step and enable work to be processed in parallel through multiple queues, they provide greater scalability and flexibility than synchronous.

EDA offers organizations these benefits for technology and business:

  • Scalability: EDA helps companies build scalable systems that can handle large volumes of events and data. Scalability is particularly important for companies that have unpredictable workloads or that need to scale up IT services quickly to handle spikes in demand.
  • Flexibility: EDA gives companies the flexibility to add, remove, or modify software components without affecting the entire system architecture. This can help companies more easily adapt to changing business requirements, customer needs, and technology trends.
  • Real-time processing: EDA can enable companies to process events in real time, which can be useful in applications that require immediate action, such as financial trading, fraud detection, and applications involving IoT devices.
  • Integration: EDA facilitates the integration of different software components, data sources, and systems, helping companies build cohesive and interoperable systems that can work together.
  • Agility: EDA helps companies build agile and responsive systems that can react to events and changes in the environment quickly. Operational agility helps companies stay competitive and innovative in the fast-paced digital economy.

Boomi Event Streams Supports a Range of EDA Patterns

With Event Streams, you can use Boomi’s low-code development environment to build integrations for popular event-driven architectures, including:

  • First In, First Out (FIFO)
  • Publish-Subscribe (Pub-Sub)
  • High-throughput work queues (Queuing)

Boomi simplifies the management and monitoring of event-driven streams with a single user interface. Because Event Streams is a core part of the Boomi platform, you get the added benefit of centralized integration development, management, and monitoring for all their integration use cases, including traditional batch integrations and all three Boomi options for EDA.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from Event Streams:


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