Origin Energy

Australian energy provider realizes 80 percent reduction in integration time, speeding time-to-value while optimizing processes

Business Goals

Origin Energy, a leading energy provider for Australian homes and businesses, wanted to unlock data insights to improve decision-making across every facet of the organization. Its goal was to modernize core applications and establish mechanisms to streamline the discovery, classification, validation, and presentation of connected data.

The company needed to connect all its data – production data in the field, landholder data, plant and facility metrics, and everything in between — to power operational decisions and long-term decisions around investment planning.

Integration Challenges

Origin uses hundreds of technology systems and applications to undertake a variety of activities from deciding where and how to dig, through to getting gas onto ships, and supplying that utility to its customers. But its data was siloed, inconsistent, and therefore difficult to leverage effectively for business operations.

Each of its systems presented data in different formats, with different levels of quality. It was time-consuming for employees to access the data, then manipulate it primarily in spreadsheets.

How Boomi Helped

With the Boomi Enterprise Platform, Origin is able to quickly connect applications that were not designed to natively communicate with each other. Since first deploying Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), Origin has created 1,500 integrations that connect various applications across the organization.

Close collaboration and attention to detail by Boomi’s local team was a crucial factor in the deployment’s outcomes. This helped the Origin engineering team show what was possible, ultimately building an environment that could scale sustainably with minimal operational overheads.


Boomi helps inform Origin’s intraday optimization, such as monitoring trends of pipelines and equipment, planning for fields and drilling, understanding where money is spent, determining and managing environmental impact, analyzing regulatory obligations, safety, creating an end-to-end audit trail alongside governance automation, and much more.

Integration build processes that would take up to six weeks with a traditional legacy integration platform, take an average of just one week with Boomi. This roughly 80 percent reduction in time has freed Origin’s IT team to focus on high-value work.