Cornell University

Cornell’s IT team leverages Boomi to accelerate its transformation into a cloud-first connected campus. Using Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native platform, the university needs just two integration developers and has cut months from integration development cycles.

Business Goals

The Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) group determined that the university would benefit from a faster, more agile cloud-native platform to scale integration across its nearly 10,000 employees, 23,000 students and 15 colleges and schools in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Having the ability to swiftly and easily connect best-of-breed cloud apps and legacy systems to modernize administrative, academic and IT functions would help the university provide better services across its ecosystem.

Integration Challenges

The Ivy League school’s on-premise integration middleware was complex, time-consuming, costly and incompatible with the array of cloud applications in its pipeline.

The CIT group estimated that it would take months to build a single integration with an existing Oracle Fusion middleware system that would also increase troubleshooting and maintenance costs. Additional shortcomings in stability, runtime speed, reusability and visibility into the status of integrations made modernization a pressing need.

How Boomi Helped

Cornell was able to migrate all its integration processes from Oracle Fusion to Boomi in a mere three months. Today, the university uses Boomi for 37 integrations across a hybrid environment of best-of-breed cloud and legacy on-premise applications.

The Boomi integration platform as a service (iPaaS) has provided flexibility to swiftly build a connected campus. Cornell’s IT group has cut months from integration development cycles and needs just two developers on its integration team thanks to Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native platform.


Cornell University continues to capitalize on Boomi’s flexibility and scalability to enhance both administrative and academic programs by connecting applications, data, people, processes and devices. With Boomi, the CIT group has been able to achieve impressive results:

  • Integrations developed in one-quarter the time previously needed
  • Integration runtime speed improved up to 4x
  • Easy monitoring and maintenance for two-person team
  • Scalability to rapidly expand to 37 integrations
  • A more modern and connected digital campus