One of Europe’s fastest-growing telecom operators delivers end-to-end services and creates a single source of truth with the unified Boomi Enterprise Platform.

Business Goals

Much of Tele2’s growth was through mergers and acquisitions. Disparate systems made integration difficult across internal business units such as finance and HR, as well as with external retailer, manufacturing, and delivery partners.

To fulfill its goal of becoming the smartest telecommunications company in the world, Tele2 needed to better unite its operations and services. This meant streamlining employee onboarding while also managing the various languages and legal requirements for each of the eight countries it operates in.

Integration Challenges

Tele2 needed to resolve business, connectivity, and ecosystem challenges both internally and externally.

When an employee or consultant was hired, data wasn’t shareable across identity, directory, personnel management, and payroll applications.

And externally, Tele2’s systems were not well connected to its POS partner ecosystem, resulting in limited visibility into sales and inventory. When customers bought Tele2 phones and prepaid cards through POS systems, data was sent to Tele2’s financial systems, warehouses, and delivery partners via different procedures and formats.

How Boomi Helped

The Boomi Enterprise Platform helped Tele2 seamlessly connect its business and partner ecosystem.

Boomi Integration orchestrates the hiring workflow and connects HR and finance systems, eliminating data silos and accelerating error resolution. Boomi Master Data Hub provides golden records for HR and finance systems, with real-time validation, enrichment, and data matching across all connected systems.

And Boomi B2B/EDI Management, with its built-in support for a wide variety of EDI standards, has revolutionized the way Tele2 does business with its POS, warehouse, and delivery partners.


With Boomi, Tele2 has become a truly integrated telecom. It now can communicate with its partners effectively and consistently, providing the visibility into inventory needed to meet customer demand for phones and prepaid cards. And internally, Boomi has eliminated Tele2’s data silos and orchestrated HR and finance systems.

All identity, directory, and personnel management and payroll systems are now connected. This has streamlined Tele2’s hiring process, and enabled the company to meet local legal hiring requirements.