FedRAMP Authorized: From Defensive to Offensive Digital Strategy

5 minute read | 29 Aug 2022

By Boomi

As data breaches and stolen personal information have been on the rise, security and privacy are top of mind for customers. With the latest addition of Boomi Flow to the Boomi platform services that have achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization, on top of ISO 27001 certification, organizations can now even more easily embrace digital transformation — fast, securely, and at scale.

While FedRAMP has direct implications on public sector entities — federal, state, and local governments — any organization that requires strict security measures could also benefit significantly from adopting FedRAMP-authorized products and services.

A Defensive vs. Offensive Digital Strategy

There are two key strategies to get to your digital destination. A defensive strategy focuses on data protection, compliance, and control while an offensive strategy leverages data to provide experiential values to people — citizens, customers, employees, and partners — through transformation, simplification, and engagement. As you are weighing your options, consider asking these questions to help your organization determine the future direction.


  • How secure and effective are our capabilities to connect applications and get our data ready?
  • How confident do we feel in protecting personally identifiable information?
  • What is our data stewardship maturity level, i.e. how easy is it for us to provide, adjust, and revoke access to the right data, at the right time, and to the right people?


  • What channels enable us to efficiently reach customers where they are, on their choice of device, without relying on manual, paper-based, in-person services?
  • Since the pandemic, how well have we been handling the remote and hybrid workforce?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would we rate the effectiveness of our collaboration with partners i.e. are we able to easily share and exchange information to accomplish a common objective?

Where you place your current bet largely depends on your answers to the questions above and where your organization is on your digital transformation journey. Ultimately, the end goal is always to have both strategies work harmoniously in order to achieve satisfaction without compromising on security.

Understanding Through Business Outcomes

Now that we better understand the two strategies that will help your agency embrace digital transformation, let’s put them into the context of how Boomi can help provide engaging digital experiences with sample real-life business outcomes.

  • Citizen Engagement—Whether your citizens need to apply for food stamps or permits or pay for parking tickets, you can create web portals and mobile apps in days — without coding — to move all these in-person services online. As a result, your operations and processes can be run much more smoothly, incurring fewer costs.
  • Connected Care—Given the recent virus outbreaks, public and private entities alike need to find quick solutions to distribute vaccines. Instead of making people wait in line while filling out paperwork with their personal information in order to receive care, these activities (and more!) could be done upfront online through a self-service portal. The billing process would also be automated as providers and payers can digitally coordinate medical claim approvals.
  • Customer Service Optimization, i.e. Call Center—Behind each citizen engagement and connected care use case, among many others, there may be countless inquiries over the phone and email that your employees need to address. Handling these inquiries with automation services like a guided assist or service ticket portal saves not only time and operating costs but also frustration that could lead to a downward customer spiral.
  • Omniboarding—Speaking of employees, many of us now work remotely or in a hybrid environment on top of the confusing job market fluctuations. By automating onboarding and offboarding workflows, organizations ensure access to hardware, applications, data, and support is governed properly and executed in a timely manner. That improves employee productivity and eliminates manual administrative work for HR and managers. In addition, this very same concept can easily be applied to working with partners and customers.

These are just a handful of digital transformation examples. As you are thinking about what your organization could do to make life easier for your citizens, customers, employees, and partners, remember the possibilities with Boomi are endless.


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