Toronto-based Umbra was able to dramatically streamline management of its EDI-based B2B partner network and solve its integration challenges with Boomi. The result is a transformed business model and an astonishing 1,600% ROI.

Business Goals

Umbra sells into more than 115 countries and has close to 75,000 distributors. Its trading partner network contributes more than 75 percent of the company’s revenue.

With electronic data interchange (EDI) handled through a managed services partner, the demand for more frequent updates meant higher costs for Umbra. The company set out to find a new approach to managing the growing volume of data within its B2B network of distributors and simplify application-to-application (A2A) integration.

Integration Challenges

Umbra needed to move away from its third-party managed services EDI situation to regain control, lower risk and keep costs down. And to support digital transformation, the company needed a way to connect its various ecosystems, and the systems within them, with one another.

As its B2B network of retail distributors is crucial to its business success, it was important to Umbra to find a provider that had proven success with both EDI and application-to-application integration.

How Boomi Helped

Boomi made it possible for Umbra to bring EDI management in-house, lowering costs and risk. And Boomi’s low-code, drag-and-drop user interface, paired with the Boomi JumpStart services program, helped the Umbra team get started — and see measurable results — quickly.

Also, with Boomi’s unified platform, developers only need to learn a single skillset — and in Umbra’s case this included not just EDI management but also application-to-application integration. These “economies of skill” have brought efficiency, flexibility and speed to Umbra’s data and application integration efforts.


With Boomi, Umbra has been able to cut costs, save time, improve partner coordination and grow its business.

  • Realized a 1,600% ROI in 10 months
  • Successfully migrated management of its B2B network in-house
  • Gained the ability to support European EDI standards
  • Integrated applications including SAP, Salsify and PTC FlexPLM in three months

Looking to the future, the Boomi Enterprise Platform will also enable Umbra’s team to manage API integration, without needing to learn new skills.