Inspera Health

A health and wellness provider for individuals with multiple chronic conditions uses Boomi in a modern technology environment that helps employers reduce healthcare costs. Its data-driven approach is improving participant engagement and health outcome metrics.

Business Goals

Inspera Health helps its corporate customers reduce healthcare costs by improving health and wellness for employees and family members with multiple chronic conditions, who consume an inordinate share of health plan expenses.

The company takes a multidisciplinary approach covering fitness, nutrition, behavior, and emotional wellness with dedicated coaches and behavioral clinicians. It augments that strategy with technology including Salesforce solutions and Fitbit Internet of Things (IoT) devices to boost participant engagement and provide measurable metrics of improvements in health outcomes.

Integration Challenges

Disconnected applications posed a challenge. Inspera Health staff were manually entering data from health surveys that participants took in a Salesforce Community portal into Optum and Insignia Health scoring systems. Then, they had to input scores into Salesforce, consuming valuable time.

Inspera Health also began offering Fitbit scales and activity trackers to participants at no cost to provide measurable health metrics and incent greater engagement. It needed a quick, reliable way to get survey and Fitbit IoT data into the Salesforce portal.

How Boomi Helped

Working with IT consultancy Strategic Growth, a Boomi and Salesforce partner, Inspera Health implemented Boomi to automate data exchange between Salesforce Community and the Optum and Insignia systems, eliminating manual work and increasing data timeliness for participants and coaches.

Boomi also moves Fitbit device IoT data into the Salesforce Community portal so that participants and coaches can view metrics on weight, activity minutes, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. That data-driven approach improves participant engagement, collaboration with coaches, and health outcomes.