Maximize Customer & Employee Productivity from Day One

Disconnected onboarding processes are expensive for your organization. Mismanaged new hire onboarding delays productivity and can hurt employee engagement, while poor customer onboarding can significantly limit revenue growth. When that pain is multiplied across hundreds or thousands of employees, customers and partners, you can incur major productivity costs, as well as introduce risk and unnecessary complications to your business.

Employee Onboarding

Streamline the Onboarding Process

Let your new employees hit the ground running by connecting applications and processes for seamless onboarding.

Accelerate productivity and meet high expectations of tech-savvy personnel with flawless provisioning of payroll, benefits, direct deposit, email and applications.

Be it automating pre-hire recruitment tasks for all hires or role-specific automated provisioning of applications and equipment, it’s time to retire your patchwork processes that are half automated and mostly manual.

Reduce Manual Effort
  • Make onboarding automated, digitize, fast and efficient
  • Automate compliance and escalation workflows at appropriate stages of the process
Streamline Collaboration
  • Easily collaborate among business stakeholders, human resources, recruiting, finance, IT and other core functions
  • Ensure consistent information and communications for new employees
  • Gain real-time visibility into workflows to ensure transparency
Improve Engagement
  • Reduce attrition due to poor onboarding experience
  • Improve employee productivity by limiting difficulties and delays with onboarding
  • Frictionless onboarding sets the stage for a long and productive relationship with your employees.

Customer and Partner Onboarding

After all the effort and investment of acquiring your new customer or partner, your work has just begun.

To build a great relationship with your new partners and customers, you need to start with an excellent first impression and continue with ongoing, positive interactions. This requires well-choreographed efforts across your company, from marketing and sales, to finance and IT.

And the catch? Making it look seamless for your customers is hard, but the cost of getting it wrong is very high.

Reduce Churn

Improve the customer experience to lower churn by automating your onboarding experience. Continually refine your customer and partner interactions with your company by monitoring interactions at each stage of engagement.

Increase Engagement

Provide an impeccable brand experience from the very start of the relationship. Ensure that each interaction provide the right information at the right time.

Mobilize Cross-Functional Teams

Unify the efforts of all team members involve in the onboarding experience with unified data and dashboards. Drive to faster resolutions, identify and share opportunities, and collaboratively monitor key indicators of customer and partner success across all teams.

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