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Work has changed forever. Responding to the new normal will require fast and responsive workforce lifecycle strategies. With worker counts fluctuating, their locations changing, and many rejoining after an absence, there’s no time to fix the brittle and complex technology stacks with an expensive, one-off development project.


Customize Workforce Processes
Without Custom Development

Bringing together diverse systems to respond to new and changing workforce lifecycle
requirements can seem expensive and complex. Boomi enables fast, secure, agile, and efficient
integration to leverage existing systems while modernizing the experience for everyone.


Unify and optimize engagements

Exceed the expectations of today’s workforce with a seamless recruiting, hiring, and management journey that’s continually synchronized.


Streamline disparate workflows

Eliminate the cost and mess of isolated processes that were never designed to interoperate by orchestrating your entire employee lifecycle into a seamless journey.


Adapt fast to changing conditions

Bring together processes and data between departments, technologies, and workers with agility. Quickly spin up modules to support new guidelines, safety and compliance.


Build a great digital workplace

Create a world-class digital work experience that attracts and keeps world-class talent. Expand your recruitment pool beyond the boarders of your physical locations.


Employee onboarding at Moderna

The Boomi Enterprise Platform allowed Moderna to speed employee onboarding by automating access to applications and resources.

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