Customer Success

Beyond Support: Customer Success

We want the Dell Boomi platform to help your business perform better. So that’s why in addition to great support, training and consulting, we offer a team dedicated to just that—your success. Here’s how we help.

Predictive Assistance

With our Predictive Assistance technology we can see the overall health of our entire customer population, and whether an individual customer—like you—is having an issue that we can help resolve. It’s all part of how we help Dell Boomi customers increase their ROI from our platform.

Support Monitoring

Almost everyone needs support at some time. But consistently heavy support usage generally indicates deeper issues. We monitor support activity and reach out to customers whose support history suggests they may benefit from additional product functionality, training, or free online resources they may be unaware of.

Support Case Escalation

In particularly complex support cases that are proving hard to resolve, you may request case escalation via the Customer Success team. We can coordinate the resources and efforts of the support and consulting groups and guide the case to a positive outcome.

Customer Account Reviews

We offer you one free technical account review each year, which is conducted via web conference. These reviews are an excellent opportunity to increase your understanding of the Boomi platform and explore ways in which Boomi can further support your business. And you don’t need to worry about scheduling. We’ll reach out to you.

Elite TLC Program

Dell Boomi Enterprise Edition customers are automatically enrolled in our Elite TLC Program, which helps members achieve and maintain successful Dell Boomi implementations. Elite TLC members receive priority case management, enhanced monitoring of account usage, and quarterly check-in calls to review the overall health of their Dell Boomi accounts.

Our team makes it a priority to know your business so we can make recommendations to improve implementation performance. We’ll introduce you to new product features and guide you to successful adoption and use. And we address any outstanding issues that you may have with support or consulting. With the Elite TLC program, you always have an advocate within Dell Boomi.