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Streamline the vital L2C lifecycle

Optimize Your Lead-to-cash Business

The Lead-to-cash process can be slow and error-prone without integration among CRM, order management and billing systems. Companies risk delays and customer dissatisfaction while jeopardizing cash flow if sales and back-office personnel must manually enter and manage Lead-to-cash data.

Speed Cash Flow and Delight Customers

Streamline the Lead-to-cash lifecycle with Dell Boomi connecting your core applications, such as Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP for order management, billing and inventory. Boomi lets non-technical users quickly and simply configure the necessary connections and activate Boomi’s pre-defined data mappings to automate the Lead-to-cash process, automating operations, ensuring consistency across systems, and improving visibility into accounts. Build transparency and insights into critical processes with unified data from your CRM and ERP applications.

Enhance lead-to-cash visibility

Give sales reps insights in customer order history, payments and available inventory to focus on selling, not data entry. Improve financial reporting and forecasting with visibility across the front and back office.

Accelerate cash flow

Automate lead-to-cash processes to cut out time-consuming manual work and accelerate cash flow. Capture new efficiencies from order delivery to billing and collections on delinquent accounts.

Improve customer satisfaction

Ensure consistency of customer data across multiple systems to delight buyers with flawless order placement, receipt and billing. Empower your teams with real-time information to better serve demanding customers.

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Quickly deploy your lead-to-cash solution