Cooke Aquaculture

A global, sustainable seafood supplier doing business in 70 countries is unleashing the power of real-time data insights with a cloud infrastructure for integration and analytics.

Business Goals

Cooke Aquaculture is a leading global B2B supplier of seafood that has grown through more than 100 acquisitions. Those acquisitions left Cooke with hundreds of disparate applications across more than 100 subsidiaries that handle all aspects of the seafood supply chain.

To improve business efficiency and customer insights, Cooke launched a cloud-first strategy to simplify and modernize its fragmented IT environment. Boomi and cloud data platform provider Snowflake are key in creating a single source of truth and generating analytic insights.

Integration Challenges

Cooke Aquaculture faced multiple challenges across its complex IT landscape. Data on customers in 70 countries was housed in multiple systems, so Cooke lacked a single, 360-degree customer view that could help streamline customer experiences and trigger cross-sell opportunities.

The company also needed a way to aggregate and analyze data from systems for sales orders, trucking management, GPS tracking, labeling, and more. That would enable it to optimize logistics with better routing and reduced truck idle time, fuel consumption, and carbon footprint.

How Boomi Helped

Cooke adopted Boomi Integration to replace costly and difficult to maintain point-to-point custom coding, and is rebuilding hundreds of connections devised with various tools and techniques. It’s also rolling out Snowflake to replace an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse, with Boomi moving data into Snowflake for analytics.

Cooke is using Boomi Master Data Hub to create “golden records” of customer data from multiple ERP and sales order systems. That data will be moved into Snowflake using Boomi’s branded Snowflake connector.


With Boomi and Snowflake, Cooke Aquaculture is reducing the time and effort needed for integration and analysis while generating real-time business insights that are readily accessible to analysts and decision-makers. The company is also reducing the technical debt of its legacy infrastructure. Now, Cooke can:

  • Achieve a 360-degree customer view across disparate systems
  • Streamline customer ordering and communications
  • Improve customer experiences and identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Optimize logistics in a cost-efficient and eco-friendly model
  • Scale out integration to leverage cloud, on-premises, and IoT systems