International Justice Mission

Leading human rights group gains 360-degree control of its data to expand donor engagement for peer-to-peer programs, helping reduce churn and improving donation experience.

Business Goals

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a non-government organization (NGO) that has to date helped rescue more than 49,000 women, children, and men from violence and slavery.

IJM depends on donors to raise money in support of its global efforts. To scale its work, the organization wanted to mature its existing platform and expand fundraising sources to include peer-to-peer giving.

To effectively manage all donor data coming in from multiple sources, IJM needed a 360-degree view of all its donation transactions.

Integration Challenges

IJM uses Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage its donor engagement, but Salesforce wasn’t integrated with the fundraising platforms on IJM’s website.

When prospective donors went to IJM’s website to donate, they were taken to a third party application to enter their profile and payment data. The external integrations IJM relied on to import this information were problematic, forcing the company’s staff to spend up to 40 hours per month finding missing transactions and reconciling revenue.

How Boomi Helped

With Boomi, IJM built an automated revenue infrastructure which integrates all direct donations from its website into Salesforce, helping make it a much more up-to-date, accurate system of record.

The organization now has full control of the donor experience and donor data. Boomi automatically transfers donor data from Stripe and Braintree, IJM’s preferred payment processing applications, into Salesforce. And error handling is also automated, as Boomi compares transactions with records in Salesforce to ensure accuracy or flag non-matching data.


IJM now delivers a fully branded donation experience, not only via its website but also via sources like peer-to-peer giving (launched in just 10 weeks using Boomi). Benefits realized include:

  • A 360-degree view of donors with Salesforce as a global system of record
  • An improved donor experience, with self-service subscription management
  • Readiness for global expansion — IJM’s 25 overseas offices can be aligned to a canonical data model
  • Improved workforce productivity