Inchcape Shipping Services

World-leading port agency leverages the Boomi AtomSphere Platform to help its customers trade successfully and make better decisions in every port, everywhere

Business Goals

Inchcape Shipping Services offers agency and support services to ship owners and charterers, including port agency management, transit and offshore support, crew management, port operations and integrated logistics, cargo services, storage, and humanitarian logistics services.

To support its vision of a connected world, in which its customers trade successfully and make better decisions in every port, everywhere, Inchcape needed a way to unify and globalize its data model, optimize its technology stack, and begin the process of digital transformation.

Integration Challenges

Inchcape had accumulated a multitude of independent technology products, but lacked a platform to link the various technologies in its stack. As a result, operational inefficiencies and compliance difficulties were arising more and more frequently.

Additionally, data silos were holding the company back from making optimal use of its applications and driving innovation across its business units.

How Boomi Helped

With the Boomi AtomSphere Platform, specifically Boomi Master Data Hub, Inchcape has a single view of its data across the world and more control over that data’s use. This provides a foundation for business intelligence, which will help the company optimize its customer experiences by identifying issues and opportunities faster.

Boomi has helped Inchcape maximize efficiency and achieve transparency in its functions. The company has now harmonized service quality across all its locations, while reducing complexity and costs for its customers.