Emtec Improves their Quote-to-Cash Processes, Saves $1 Million

We saved $1 million and thousands of hours of custom development by deploying the integration on Dell Boomi AtomSphere versus building out a front-end on SAP ERP.
Michael Hubbs, Director of Information Technology

The disparate data dilemma

Emtec, a provider of technology-empowered business solutions, relies on three systems to manage its back-office:

  • Salesforce.com® (CRM)
  • SAP (ERP)
  • VARStreet (business management software) for ecommerce and sales quote automation

However, the systems were working independently of one another. For instance, quotes were generated in VARStreet and the same data needed to be logged as an opportunity in Salesforce.com so that it could be tracked in the sales pipeline. This process of using systems that sit in their own silos resulted in a high incidence or errors, duplicate data entry and an inability to generate reliable, up-to-date data and analysis of what was really going on in the business.

Emtec needed a way to seamlessly integrate these three business-critical systems while gaining greater efficiency and insight.


Real-time data saves Emtec more than $1 million, and counting

Emtec looked at several solutions to address this challenge, including the development of an integration to VARStreet by building out a customer front-end onto SAP to automate its quote-to-cash process. However, the cost for this solution was $1 million and it only addressed a portion of the problem, so Emtec decided to look elsewhere. The Emtec team concluded that a reliable cloud platform to integrate SAP with Salesforce.com was needed, and it evaluated a solution from Dell Boomi.

Emtec ultimately selected Dell Boomi AtomSphere due to its rapid time-to-value deployment, its ability to deliver immediate ROI, and its competitive pricing. Additionally, Boomi AtomSphere offers pre-built connectors to both SAP and Salesforce.com.

The integration of SAP with Salesforce. com was planned for deployment in phases, starting with the ability to enter data one time into VARStreet. This allows quotes to be generated in one system while an opportunity and customer profile is created or updated in Salesforce.com and SAP, respectively. The Boomi AtomSphere integration uses the data entered in VARStreet to either match an existing customer record in SAP, or to create a new record, so that an order can be easily created in SAP once the customer issues a purchase order. Prior to the integration, this process took at least 20 minutes of manual data entry to ensure that the data was accurately entered in each system. With the integration, this process is automated and takes fewer than three minutes – which is an 85 percent reduction in the time it takes to complete the task. Additionally, the integration resulted in a significant cost savings, given Emtec’s high transaction volume. As a result of automating its quote-to-cash process with Boomi AtomSphere, Emtec is now able to access accurate and up-todate business data. Dashboards have been created with confidence, thus allowing Emtec’s executive team and customer-facing teams to have a single, centralized source of order and sales information.

In the second phase of the integration project Emtec will leverage the Boomi cloud integration platform to synchronize customer information and order status through a self-service portal. This is a testament to the flexibility and scalability of the Boomi platform, which allows a dynamic company like Emtec to grow its business while providing stable systems that can grow with the company.

Emtec also reports operational and performance benefits as a result of using Dell Boomi as its application integration solution. Benefits include:

  • Immediate ROI by reducing order entry time by 85%
  • Shorter time-benefits with a rapid implementation
  • $1 million of savings in custom development costs for SAP integration
  • Better first call resolution from a centralized dashboard of customer and order information

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