Emtec, a provider of technology-powered business solutions, relies on Salesforce, SAP and VARStreet to run its back office. Yet these systems were unable to share data. Boomi integration provided the efficiency and insight Emtec required.


Emtec needed a way to seamlessly integrate its three mission-critical back-office systems to reduce lag times, boost customer service levels, and gain holistic visibility into its data.

Le sfide tecnologiche

Emtec’s three business-critical systems were unable to communicate with each other, resulting in a high incidence or errors, duplicate data entry and an inability to generate reliable, up-to-date data and analysis of what was really going on in the business.

Emtec considered several solutions, including a custom integration between VARStreet and SAP to automate its quote-to-cash process. The cost estimated was $1M — and it would only address a portion of Emtec’s needs.

Il ruolo di Boomi

Emtec was able to quickly deploy Boomi to realize immediate ROI. Plus, Boomi’s proven, pre-built connectors to SAP and Salesforce.com removed the need for costly and time-consuming customization.

Manually entering data in two systems took at least 20 minutes per record. With Boomi, Emtec is able to immediately match data entered in VARStreet with an existing customer record in SAP. If no match is found, a new record is automatically created — in a mere three minutes total.


Emtec gained operational and performance benefits from Boomi that include:

  • 85 percent reduction in order entry time
  • System flexibility and scalability to support company growth
  • $1M in savings by eliminating custom development costs for SAP integration
  • Better first-call resolution with a centralized dashboard of customer and order information