Modern Customer Experience – It is More than a Mobile App


While the use of mobile as a channel to improve customer experience is now almost table stakes for most organizations, it takes more than just creating an app to delight customers. Every customer interaction is part of a much larger journey. That is why the customer experience value chain covers many—if not most—of the front-and-back of house functions inside organizations.

One of the most common breakdowns in that relationship can happen due to poorly constructed (or missing) workflows. Not having a clear process in place for the various processes may hinder your ability to provide the best service possible.

Join Eric Barner, Senior Sales Engineer at Dell Boomi, for a hands on demonstration of how organizations:

  • Streamlined claims adjudication management and improved customer experience
  • Enabled better health outcomes by integrating mobile app front end with Salesforce case management for faster resolution of patient needs
  • Provided employees with a more sophisticated and streamlined process that helps reduces manual and repetitive tasks

Webinar Details

Duration: 45 minutes + 10 minutes for Q&A


Eric Barner
Senior Sales Engineer
Dell Boomi

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