Boomi Blue Challenge 2018


Achieving business outcomes from device data

Many companies are looking to incorporate data from their devices and “things” to drive business improvements and transform their operations.

But to make the most of the IoT, organizations need to easily and seamlessly integrate information from smart devices and gateways with existing enterprise applications and systems.

“Boomi was at least two years ahead of any other vendor on the market, especially in terms of the speed and ease of its low-code development environment.” Peter de Lange, Managing Director, Digital Angel

Use Case: Deployed Boomi to integrate smart mattress data with IoT and operational systems for orchestrating care at senior living centers

Business Result: Increased quality of life for seniors while improving workforce efficiencies


To benefit from the Internet of Things, your organization needs an agile, unified platform that makes it quick and easy to integrate device data into core business systems.

Best-of-Breed Connectivity
Rapidly connect cloud and on-premise applications with device data through Boomi's best-of-breed connectors for a diverse range of IoT protocols, helping unify your IoT network with your hybrid IT environment.
Seamless Integration
Many IoT use cases require the seamless integration of device and application data. Boomi makes it easy to automate business processes, deliver the right data to the right people, and drive engaging customer experiences through any digital channel.
Run Anywhere
Boomi seamlessly supports connecting IoT data with your enterprise applications and systems. The Boomi Atom — our run-time integration engine — easily connects device data, system or platform residing on-premise, in the cloud or at the network edge.

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