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Master Data Hub

Comprehensive 360 degree view of any data domain to drive trusted business outcomes.

Master Data Hub

How it Works

Find, understand, and use your data better with an automated, low-code, cloud-native platform to drive faster and more confident decision-making.

Improved decision making

Achieve “golden records”

Connect and maintain synchronized “golden records” throughout systems in any environment to ensure the data quality, consistency, and visibility that enables your business to move faster and make better decisions.

Improved decision making

Enhanced operational efficiency

Ensure data accuracy

Expand trusted data throughout the business by breaking down traditional barriers to gain 360-degree insight across products, employees, and customers with a single, accessible repository to support analytical and operational initiatives.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Cloud-native master data management

Manage data easier

Secure master data management as a service that sits at the center of your business to provide an easy-to-implement, flexible, and scalable way of automatically connecting trusted data to all systems.

Cloud-native Master Data Management

Data Management Features

  • Quickly model master data

    Low-code, visual interface experience increases speed for matching and merging accurate data records throughout your business.

  • Collective intelligence

    Tap into the experience of the Boomi developer community by using the Boomi Suggest wizard to quickly add fields to data models.

  • Data quality

    Continuously apply validation, enrichment, and error reconciliation actions to ensure confidence in your single truth data source.

  • Data synchronization

    Boomi Integration ensures real-time, bidirectional flow of accurate records between Boomi Master Data Hub and connected systems.

  • Comprehensive matching

    Leverage built-in matching processes to help you create consolidated, error-free data records your business will trust.

  • The golden record

    Centralized location to house single data points that accurately define critical records around customers, products, and more.

  • System agnostic

    One repository integrates with any system to eliminate the time and expense of multiple tools needed to connect trusted data.

  • Automatic alerts

    Real-time alerts let you know when data processes are complete or if records have been quarantined for additional stewardship.

We use Boomi because it works, and it’s so easy to deploy. And with Boomi Master Data Hub, our data is correct everywhere, whether it's flowing to our HR applications, finance applications, or scientific tools.
Marcello Damiani
Chief Digital Officer, Moderna
A master data management strategy using Boomi is critical for us to be able to drive better value for our customers.
Dr. Scott Underwood
Senior Manager, Cooke Aquaculture
Boomi greatly shortcuts the development time because it’s consistent, unambiguous, and it’s easy to use.
Tom Hamilton
Vice President, Technology, Inchcape

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