Boomi Blue Challenge 2018


Master data hub

Synchronize and enrich trusted data across your enterprise


Agile data mastering
Realize an immediate return on investment for your data mastering projects by implementing in weeks instead of months and years.
Lower total cost of ownership
Avoid the time, expense and headache of purchasing multiple data mastering products to cover initiatives that cross data domains and organizational boundaries.
Improve operational efficiency
Break down silos, expand trusted data across the enterprise and gain 360-degree visibility for your master entity including products, employees, and customers by connecting your new and existing data sources — even existing MDM systems — to a central hub.

Ensure Data Quality and Reduce
Data Management Headaches

Rapidly model master data entities through a low-code and visual experience.
Add your models into the hub repository then identify which source systems will interact with them.
Absorb all system records into a consolidated repository and automatically match and merge similar records.
Create business rules to alert your team and assist with resolving duplicates, fixing data entry issues and correcting erroneous data.
Enforce real-time, bidirectional process flows that break down data silos and help data move between the hub and the integrated source systems.