Exploring Data Integration Patterns

From there to here and here to there data is everywhere.
Say! How do we integrate?

Data is woven into every aspect of companies’ existence and is critical to drive the right strategic and operational decisions. But taming and making sense of data everywhere is not easy: collecting, storing, integrating, transforming data or perhaps consolidating it into a data lake or a data warehouse for more comprehensive analysis and so on- the journey is full of challenges and hurdles.

Join Kristina Avrionova, Product Marketing Manager at Dell Boomi and Adam Arrowsmith, Product Manager at Dell Boomi to:

  • Get insights on the different data integration patterns
  • Determine the right strategy for your organization based on data integration pattern insights
  • See a live demo of Boomi in action and how it will enable you to conquer any cloud migration or application integration challenges and seize the data.


Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)



Kristina Avrionova – Product Marketing, Dell Boomi

Adam Arrowsmith – Product, Integration Services, Dell Boomi

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