The pioneer of “smiley face” customer feedback terminals orchestrates its business and data with Boomi, eliminating labor-intensive manual work and achieving a 360-degree customer view

Business Goals

HappyOrNot has blossomed into a pioneering global company from an idea that occurred to its founder, Heikki Väänänen, 20 years ago — a device that businesses could use to capture real-time feedback from customers far more easily and effectively than traditional methods.

Today, more than 4,000 retailers, restaurants, airports and others use HappyOrNot’s solution to gather real-time customer feedback and adapt accordingly. HappyOrNot relies on the Boomi Enterprise Platform to connect its systems and operate with speed, agility, and visibility.

Integration Challenges

In its early years, HappyOrNot struggled with manual data work in spreadsheets and email. A rising workload slowed invoicing, cash collection, reporting, and other functions while introducing risk of data errors and limiting visibility.

The 90-person firm rolled out applications such as Oracle NetSuite for ERP and Salesforce for CRM, but continued using spreadsheets because systems weren’t integrated. The company lacked a single, unified view of its data, and scalability to continue rapid growth. It solved those problems with Boomi.

How Boomi Helped

Self-implementing Boomi in just four weeks, HappyOrNot automates its lead to order to cash cycle with Boomi integrating NetSuite and Salesforce. That’s accelerated quoting, order management, invoicing, and collections while eliminating manual errors that could undermine customer experiences.

HappyOrNot also uses Boomi to streamline financial management and forecasting, HR, contract manufacturing, product shipments by partners like DHL and UPS, and channel partner business. Employee happiness and productivity are enhanced because Boomi-powered automation has eliminated dozens of hours of manual data chores.


HappyOrNot has dramatically increased scalability and efficiency with Boomi orchestrating processes and data across its fast-growing business. Data quality and reliability are improved, and finance can provide company leaders with financial results faster for informed decision-making. With Boomi, HappyOrNot has:

  • Accelerated its monthly financial close by seven business days
  • Increased cash flow with faster invoicing and collections
  • Improved customer experiences with error-free orders, invoicing, shipping
  • Freed resources for R&D, marketing, and customer service
  • Gained flexibility to add or tweak services