Eddie Stobart

When it comes to logistics, speed is king. So leading UK logistics provider Eddie Stobart teamed with Boomi to bring far greater speed, efficiency and agility to its supply chain and partner network.

Business Goals

Eddie Stobart is a 24/7/365, end-to-end supply chain operation. Offering around-the-clock support is a vital part of its business. But the company’s expanding and increasingly complex EDI network was a barrier to delivering fast, high-quality service.

The company needed to:

  • Support customer preferences and constraints for integrating and communicating with its systems
  • Provide cost-effective, always-on availability
  • Minimize time lost to scheduled and unscheduled system maintenance

Integration Challenges

In logistics, margins are notoriously thin and information is the lifeblood of business. As with any modern enterprise, Eddie Stobart recognized the importance of technology. Reliable integration technologies, especially electronic data interchange (EDI) and B2B partner network management, are critical.

The company had been working with several traditional EDI providers, but downtime, long project timelines and a lack of innovation prevented the organization from quickly onboarding customers and building on the relationships Eddie Stobart had worked so hard to establish.

How Boomi Helped

Boomi allowed Eddie Stobart to move faster and further improve how it helped customers, putting more distance between the company and its competitors.

Following a proof of concept project, Eddie Stobart deployed the Boomi platform using a range of Boomi capabilities, including Boomi integrationB2B/EDI management, and API design and management.

The Boomi platform underpins a number of business-critical processes, improving workflows for customer orders, logistics management, enterprise operations, warehouse management and port transport systems.


The Boomi platform has dramatically increased the company’s speed and agility in responding to business needs that support company growth. With Boomi, Eddie Stobart has:

  • Slashed integration time in half
  • Increased its rate of customer acquisition
  • Cut costs by eliminating fees tied to data volumes
  • Improved its ability to integrate directly with customer manufacturing applications

From artificial intelligence to the internet of things, Eddie Stobart is considering a host of advanced technologies that Boomi supports through its low-code, cloud-native integrations.