By Lisa Martin

For the more than 10 million customers it serves in eight countries across the Baltics and Sweden, Tele2 wants to be the smartest telco in the world. But its growth due to mergers and acquisitions left it with many disparate business systems that bogged down internal processes, such as finance and human resources (HR) systems in different countries that have various hiring requirements.

Additionally, the company’s large ecosystem of point-of-sale (POS) partners — through which it sells phones and prepaid cards — had different methods of communication with Tele2’s financial systems and warehouses that needed to be aligned to meet demand and manage inventory.

To meet goals of delighting millions of customers and becoming a truly integrated challenger in its market, Tele2 transformed internal and external business processes with the Boomi Platform. The company has dramatically improved business agility by seamlessly connecting applications, data, and people across its business and partner ecosystems.

Internally, Boomi Integration orchestrates the hiring workflow, connecting HR and finance systems across countries, while Boomi Master Data Hub provides golden records for HR and finance systems. And Boomi B2B/EDI Management has revolutionized the way Tele2 does business with its POS, warehouse, and delivery partners, like product manufacturers, for phones and prepaid cards.

As outlined in our new customer success story, Boomi has helped Tele2 transform business operations by:

  • Eliminating data silos and orchestrating HR and finance systems across countries
  • Enabling direct communication with its POS partners and product manufacturers via EDI
  • Automating the ordering process for phones and prepaid cards
  • Delivering end-to-end visibility into its inventory

Since implementing Boomi, Tele2 has realized some significant results.

Streamlined and Compliant Hiring in Eight Countries

Not only does Tele2 have multiple finance and HR systems and country hiring requirements to comply with, but it hires different personnel types, like regular full-time employees, part-time employees, service contractors, and consultants.

The first step towards synchronizing data flows between finance and HR systems was implementation of Boomi Master Data Hub to create golden records. Information about new hires can be deployed to all systems, like identity, directory, and personnel management and payroll systems, and related tasks can be initiated with accurate data.

Automation has eliminated manual tasks so that personnel records with validated data are available faster and new hires can quickly become productive. And Boomi API Management allows Tele2 to aggregate data from multiple finance and HR systems while easily abstracting the underlying integrations.

This has eliminated data silos, which has in turn streamlined personnel hiring, enabling Tele2 to meet local legal requirements for hiring in each country of operation.

“With Boomi Master Data Hub, we now have the most updated HR and finance information from all data sources, which has improved our hiring process in eight countries,” says Andris Soms-Sakne, Tele2 systems manager.

Improved POS and Partner Ecosystem Experience

Boomi B2B/EDI Management has revolutionized the way Tele2 does business with its POS, warehouse, and delivery partners for phones and prepaid cards. Boomi’s built-in support for a wide variety of EDI standards allows automatic sharing of data from the external POS systems with Tele2’s internal warehouse, financial, and analytics systems to help optimize inventory management.

Now, all EDI documents are acquired and passed to POS systems with Boomi handling all approval processes. Boomi automation has eliminated the manual tasks Tele2 used to face in working with its partner ecosystem, and it has reduced the time needed to complete all communication and validation processes across the ecosystem.

Inventory Visibility Helps Meet Customer Demand for Phones and Prepaid Cards

Tele2’s manufacturers can order inventory directly via Boomi EDI, allowing Tele2 to communicate with its manufacturers in the language they prefer. This has helped to automate and speed up the ordering process and eliminate manual tasks.

Now, when customers buy Tele2 phones and prepaid cards through POS systems, data is sent to Tele2’s financial systems, warehouses, and delivery partners in a consistent format. By streamlining data communication between these disparate systems, Boomi gives Tele2 visibility into inventory and sales to better meet customer demand.

“We’ve improved our buy cycle workflow with retail and warehouse partners and manufacturers for phones and prepaid cards,” Soms-Sakne says. “Leveraging Boomi to communicate via EDI has improved our ability to meet customer demand.”

Reducing Complexity With a Unified Integration Platform

Tele2 knew that to reduce complexity, it needed a single integration platform. The company chose Boomi for these reasons:

  • Unified solution: Boomi simplifies and accelerates connectivity across applications, data, processes, and people. It enables businesses to connect legacy systems with new end-points and simplify the flow of trusted data across internal and external stakeholders.
  • Master data management: Selecting Boomi integration provided Tele2 with a foundation for master data management. It now has a single source of truth for finance and HR data with Master Data Hub delivering golden records.
  • EDI expertise: Boomi B2B/EDI Management was critical for the success of Tele2’s partner ecosystem, as Boomi could educate the Tele2 team on the technical aspects of EDI and help it set up the first EDI connection.
  • Open APIs: Boomi helps organizations API-enable everything — every application, every person, every partner — allowing Tele2 to easily aggregate data from multiple systems.

With Boomi, Tele2 has accomplished its business goal of streamlining employee onboarding, while also managing the various languages and legal requirements for each country in which it operates. It has eliminated the challenges it had with personnel data not being shareable across identity, directory, personnel management, and payroll applications. It has also eliminated manual processes for data sharing across applications and reduced the risk of human error.

Additionally, by resolving the technology challenges it had with its partner ecosystem, Tele2 is closer to delivering on its twofold mission, which is to fearlessly liberate people to live a more connected life and provide the services that customers really desire.

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