Create Your Own Boomi Connectors

OpenAPI Connector Builder

Build your own application connectors in minutes by leveraging our easy to use Boomi OpenAPI Connector Builder for a standardized solution or go beyond the framework of the OpenAPI specification for deeper customization with the Boomi Connector SDK. Join the Boomi Open Source Software community to modify and contribute code to the community.

Rapidly create new connectors without coding

Use our OpenAPI connector builder to effortlessly build custom connectors to your applications starting from an OpenAPI specification. Our innovative OpenAPI Domain Specific Language (DSL) framework offers a straightforward approach to defining connection fields and operations that seamlessly align with RESTful endpoints outlined in the specification. The result is an auto-generated connector that adheres to Boomi’s standards and guarantees exceptional quality throughout the integration process.

Learn more and start using our DSL

With the new Boomi OpenAPI Connector Builder, our team was able to create an initial, fully-functional version of our – Partner Connector in a few hours, saving over 90% of the time and effort that would have been required if we were not using it!
Fotis Drakos
Product Manager, Hypatos

The Boomi OpenAPI Connector Builder Demo Video

Connector SDK

Build customized connectors with unlimited flexibility

For scenarios where you want more control and options beyond the framework of the OpenAPI specification, the Connector SDK provides a powerful set of tools, libraries and resources that can be used to build custom connectors. The Connector SDK offers an array of features like pre-built templates and reusable components that can be used to simplify the development process. You can further automate and accelerate your development workflows by integrating your CI/CD pipeline with our publicly available deployment APIs. We’re constantly adding features to the Connector SDK and enhancing build tooling so developers are equipped to build best-of-breed connectors.

Join our growing Boomiverse community of developers and users to learn, share and collaborate on a multitude of topics including connector development

To learn and start using our SDK, visit

Boomi Open Source Software (OSS)

Leverage the knowledge and power of the community.

Boomi OSS allows developers in the Boomi community to modify and contribute code for
connectors used on the platform or fork and modify code to use as private connectors.

Source Control

Source control is a way to keep track of changes in a codebase. Popular applications such as GitHub and BitBucket allow developers to track and manage changes to the main code branch while working on additional features in other branches.

Boomi Open Source FAQ

Where is the OSS connector code published?

Boomi OSS code is available on

Who owns the IP? Boomi or me or the community?

Author / owner maintains copyright, and licenses it under Apache 2.0.

Are custom built-connectors supported by Boomi?

Any issues with an OSS connector that is also available in AtomSphere will need to be recreated using the published connector in order to receive support.

Can I modify Boomi OSS code for my needs and use it as a private connector or does it have to be published in the OSS repository?

Yes you can modify OSS code and use it as a private connector.

Additional Requirements

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