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Boomi OSS

Customers are increasingly relying on Boomi as the solution of choice for all of their integration needs. Historically, our connectors have been created, enhanced, and maintained by our own Boomi engineers but our customers have continually asked to work together on building connectors. This clearly demonstrates a need for Boomi to to deliver a collaborative approach to connector integrations.

Welcome Boomi OSS (Open Source Software) — a new approach to connector building with customers and partners.

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Boomi takes connectors to the next level

Boomi OSS is a new initiative that allows developers in the Boomi community to modify and contribute code for connectors used on the platform or fork and modify code to use as private connectors.

Best-of-breed connectors

Boomi OSS allows developers to modify and contribute code for connectors used on the platform or fork and modify code to use as private connectors.

Increase customer happiness

Customers gain value faster by the increase of new connector launches and enhancements.

Connector developer enablement

We’re constantly adding features to the connector SDK and enhancing build tooling so developers are equipped to build best-of-breed connectors.

Source control

What is source control?

Source control is a way to keep track of changes in a codebase. Popular applications such as
GitHub and BitBucket allow developers to track and manage changes to the main code branch
while working on additional features in other branches.

Clone and update Boomi connector code

Developers can access Boomi connector code from our open source repository.

Submit bug fixes and enhancements

Update the code with features, enhancements or bug fixes and submit as a pull request to the master branch or package and upload as a private connector.

Incorporate your code into a Boomi connector

Once a developer submits a pull request, the Boomi team will do a code review and, if accepted, those changes will be merged into the main branch.

Questions and answers

Boomi open source FAQ

Learn more about Boomi OSS

What is connector OSS?

Connector OSS is a way for our partners and customers to build new connectors or enhance existing OSS connectors using the Connector SDK.

Where is the OSS connector code published?

Boomi OSS code is available on

Who owns the IP? Boomi or me or the community?

Author / owner maintains copyright, and licenses it under Apache 2.0.

Are Boomi OSS connectors supported by Boomi?

Any issues with an OSS connector that is also available on AtomSphere will need to be recreated using the published connector in order to receive support

Can I modify Boomi OSS code for my needs and use it as a private connector or does it have to published in the OSS repository?

Yes you can modify OSS code and use it as a private connector.

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Boomi OSS Resources

Check out our blog posts, community articles, and help.boomi docs to get started with open-source connectors — join our
community and start contributing to our ecosystem to integrate better than ever before.

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